Mind Caviar Poetry

"The things that one most wants to do
are the things probably most worth doing."

~ Winifred Holtby (1927)

Mind Caviar Issue 13, 2004-2005

Poetry with Illustrations 
by Italian Erotic Artist

Shane Allison
Jan Brady
Asked and Answered
Faces on Faces

Arlene Ang
In the Moon Over Uluru Grill
Tetractys Blues

Phlip Arima
Reign Over Me
Techno Slut

Bobbi Baker
Eating Olives
Cowboy Moon
Chemistry 101

Stephen Bradley
Boardroom Mahogany

Utahna Faith
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Jamie Joy Gatto
Brushburn Beard

AJ Heard
Expensive Scent

Trevor Landers
1. Wadestown on a Sunday Night
2. Lie spent and sticky-sweet
3. artichokes and avocados
4. The gal in the exceedingly woolly mauve jumper
5. Ruapehu Song
6. The House-sitting Lover

Robert Scott Leyse
Colors Spill 
Mist Garden (Love in Rainlight)
Rapture in the Sepulchre Forest

AstridL & Alex Mistrale
Shower I 
Shower II 
The Kiss 

Karen Newman
Wine Connoisseurs
Musically Inclined
Summer Time Treats

Paula M. Patton-Ross
Meet Me There in Spring
Find the Pelvic Floor

Zoe Richardson
Afternoon Tea
Whore Delicious
White Silk

Graphic Art by Mia Jennings. Copyright 2003-2004 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved.
"Celena as a Schoolgirl" Copyright © 2002 - 2004
Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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