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Shane Allison is a black gay man biding his time in Florida until he can go back to New York. He has had poems published in Unlikely Stories, James River Review, Fifth Street Review, Narcolepsy Arms, Sex on the Edge, suspect thoughts, Mississippi Review, Coal City Review, The Glut, New Delta Review and others. He has work forthcoming in Gents, Badboys and Barbarians:This New Breed, Ink Magazine, Blaze Vox, Ophelia's Muse and The Gay Read. His chapbook Ceiling of Mirrors is out from Cynic Press. He loves grungy boys and tattoos, but adores grungy, tattooed boys with piercings in their lips.

Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

Asked and Answered

He said you smell like good weed

He asked what are you studying in school?

He said them big juicy lips around my cock.

He asked is that blood?

He said let me buy you a drink.

He asked are you black?

He said you got a nice cock?

He asked what are you, East Indian?

He said I love your hands.

He asked how big are you?

He said bite my nipples

He asked are you French?

He said let me see your titties.

He asked do you have a place?

He said this is nice.

He asked do you have a rubber?

He said turn off the lights

He asked where are you from?

He said you shot a big load!

He asked can I rim your butt?

He said yeah, sure.

He asked can I get your number?

He said not gonna happen.

Claudio Parentela
Copyright  ©  2004 Shane Allison. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

Jan Brady

Kiss my Jan Brady


Eat my Jan Brady 


Tell me I sure can Jan Brady


Hungry for my hot Jan Brady


Hold a vile of Jan Brady to my nose 


Jack my Jan Brady in a locked booth 


Let the anonymous men Jan Brady me 


Gay porno stars 

Suck, Jan Brady, French kiss 


Milk white pudding 

From hot red Jan Brady 


Sucked his Jan Brady in front of the cameras 


Broke the rules of Jan Brady 


Jan Brady out 


Let me enter through this ten-dollar turnstile of Jan Brady


I got a big Jan Brady in these jeans 


Tug my Jan Brady 


Tongue along my Jan Brady


Spit on Jan Brady


Want to hear, “You have nice Jan Brady,” 


Old men lick my Jan Brady 


Drunk Jan Brady on my neck 


I play with his Jan Brady


Want that big-belly Jan Brady with the green shirt 


Who fell Jan Brady upstairs 


 suck my Jan Brady 


Look through the crack of the Jan Brady 


Pull down your drawers and show me your Jan Brady


Damn, he got a fat Jan Brady


Look at the Jan Brady on that guy


Yeah man, Jan Brady my Jan Brady


I want all your Jan Brady

Finger my Jan Brady


Copyright  ©  2004 Shane Allison. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

Faces on Faces

The face of a thick-dicked leather boy.
The face of a Brazilian cruise buddy.
The faces of thick-dicked Brazillian leather cruise buddies.

The face of a hustler.
The face of a succulent nipple.
The faces of hustlers sucking succulent nipples.

The face of an exibistionist.
The face of a voyuer.
The faces of  voyuers watching exhibitionists fuck in the woods.

The face of a scuffed knee.
The face of a porn video.
The faces of scuffed knees in porno videos.

The face of a slurped boner.
The face of a sugar daddy.
The faces of sugar daddies getting their boners slurped.

The face of a preppy jock.
The face of a grungy vegetarian.
The faces of grungy vegetarians humping preppy jocks.

The face of a Pier Queen.
The face of a throat so deep.
The faces of Pier Queens deep-throating Kielbasa sausages.

The face of a transexual.
The face of a drag queen.
The faces of drag queens giving hormone shots to trannies.

The face of a gay gang-banger at a sex party.
The face of a dildo.
The faces of gay gang-bangers handing out dildos at a sex party.

The face of a biker dude.
The face of a butt plug.
The faces of biker dudes getting butt-fucked by butt plugs.

The face of a tit-clamp.
The face of dick-pierced slut.
The faces of dick-pierced sluts getting tit-clamps snatched off  their tits.

The face of g-string.
The face of a strip joint.
The faces of g-strings getting ripped off in strip joints.

The face of a Scat queen.
The face of a buddy booth.
The faces of Scat Queens scatting on faces in buddy booths.

The face of a butt crack.
The face of a tongue.
The faces of tongues licking anxious butt cracks.

The face of a Latino thug.
The face of a grown man in a blue bunnette and a pink diaper.
The faces of grown Latino thugs in blue bunnettes and pink diapers.

The face of low-hanging balls.
The face of high-hanging balls.
The faces of low balls, and balls hanging high, fighting for attention.

The face of an armpit.
The face of a sweaty tee shirt.
The faces of armpits in a sweaty boy's tee shirt.

The face of  a fat cock.
The face of a pussy boy.
The faces of  pussyboys with hard, fat cocks.

The face of a blond boy.
The face of an East Village Dominatrix.
The faces of East Village blond boys getting spanked by an East Village Dominatrix.

The face of a cheating husband.
The face of a clueless wife.
The faces of clueless wives walking in on their cheating husbands wearing their bras.

The face of an Asian boy.
The face of a late night stud.
The faces of  Asian boys feeding Mongolian beef to late night studs.

The face of a Leather Daddy.
The face of a bottle of poppers.
The faces of Leather Daddys getting high off poppers.

The face of a virgin.
The face of a big-dicked bottom.
The faces of virgins on top of big-dicked bottoms.

The face of wet lips.
The face of a throbbing dick.
The faces of wet lips around throbbing dicks.

The face of a Chelsea boy.
The face of a rim chair.
The faces of Chelsea boys getting rimmed in rim chairs.

The face of a blow buddy.
The face of musty nuts.
The faces of blow buddies with a mouthful of musty nuts.

The face of a gay rapper.
The face of a queer actor.
The faces of queer actors running off with gay rappers.

The face of a super freak.
The face of a spanking.
The faces of super freaks getting spanked.

The face of a Scandinavian boy slut.
The face of a butch fag.
The faces of Scandinavian boy sluts coming on the chests of butch fags.

The face of a queen in Queens.
The face of a smooth butt.
The faces of smooth butts in denim chaps in Queens.

The face of kinky sex.
The face of a Brooklyn-bred old geezer.
The faces of Brooklyn-bred old geezers having kinky sex.

Copyright  ©  2004 Shane Allison. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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