Mind Caviar Fiction

"The only real elegance is in the mind.
If you've got that, the rest really comes from it."

~ Diana Vreeland (1962)

Mind Caviar Issue 13, 2004

Short Stories

Fifth Place by Tara Alton
"Truth or Dare" Becomes a Truly Daring Game

Eggplant by Cheyenne Blue
An Erotica Writer Finds Inspiration Everywhere!

Fitting The Shoe by Desiree Coulter
The Seduction of a Foot Fetishist

Maxie by Kathryn Lane
Bisexual Friends Long to Become Lovers

Fresh by Sean Michael
Sexy Late Night Shopping in the Produce Department

Old Habits Die Hard by Brooke Stern
Delightful Spanking Story

Forty-seven Candles by Sage Vivant
Birthdays are Full of BIG Surprises

Skirting Pleasure by Sage Vivant
Follow a Couple on a Yummy Trip to Jamaica

Obedience by James Williams
A Mind Caviar exclusive from the pen of a literary visionary

Short Shorts (about 1000 words or less)

I Can't Go Grocery Shopping Without...
by Lily Cattail
Pass the Cheez Whiz & Whiskey!

Vulnerable Vows by Tracy Daniels
Risking Marital Promises  to Honest Lust

It's Good, It's Good by Utahna Faith
New Lovers Embark in Emotional Territory

Solstice by Utahna Faith
Concise Ode to Henry Miller

Simple Mysteries by Jamie Joy Gatto
A Last Encounter Before Parting

Fucking Like Breathing by Tempeste Johns
Expressions of Love Making from Two Points of View

Fantasy in the Real World by Robin Slick
Cyber Lovers Ultimately Meet

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Sexy art by Mia Jennings
"Celena Nude" Copyright © 2004  Mia Jennings
All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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