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Jamie Joy Gatto is founder/creator/editor of Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse and A Bi-Friendly Place, an online bisexual resource center. She is a widely published author/editor crafting short fiction, essays, columns and poetry, and she performs spoken word regularly in her home city of New Orleans. Gatto's hardback book, Sex Noir, is available from Circlet Press. She has published several eBooks at Renaissance eBooks including Strictly Bi and Suddenly Sexy-- soon to be combined into a paperback edition-- and the forthcoming Villains & Vixens anthology edited with M. Christian.

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Simple Mysteries

Jenny always arrives like dawn: slowly but worth the wait. Long legs covered in silk stockings emerge from a yellow taxi. Stiletto heels sparkle as patent leather meets night rain. Jenny’s stride quickens as she sees me. Eyes light up as if belonging to a Christmas child. 

Her green eyes haunt me, even when I’m fucking her from behind. I can see them, watching me, even though she’s facing away. Her ass is high, I’m pounding away at her walls. Right as I come, I always see those eyes shine. It takes me right over the edge; my soul falls away as I rain come into her womb, bodies falling together as one.

Tonight we’re meeting for dinner. “Something simple,” she wanted, or so she said. For Jenny, who knows what simple means. That woman is always a mystery to me.

I take her for pasta, thinking how could I go wrong? She’s happy, she orders champagne. “I got the contract,” she says. I’m elated for her, but then I know what that really means. She’ll be in Spain, I’ll be here in New York. My heart falls, even though my face is smiling. I toast to her good luck.

We go up to her place and she loses the dress as fast as a cat. She tugs at my pants, I’m already getting hard. Then she oils my cock with some lotion she’s warmed with her hands. She bends over the bed, bracing herself with two long arms. She tells me tonight is different. She wants to know what it feels like to have a man inside her ass. She wants me to try. Of course, my cock responds to this news faster than my head. I’m stiff as a board and ready to ride her. My need to connect with Jenny, knowing she’ll be leaving has me grabbing my cock and adding more lotion. If she wants to be fucked in her virgin ass, I’m the man.

I start by rubbing her ass cheeks with my palms, massaging them with the slick stuff, getting closer to her hole. She responds by raising her ass higher in the air. I reach up through her trimmed brown hair to find her clit. She’s already wet, but I know if I can get her really ready and hot first, it’ll be easier for me to get inside. Pleasure is how I want her to remember me, not pain, though some pain, some resistance, is inevitable. 

She begins to moan, and pumps my fingers into her like they’re a fat cock. My cock stiffens, wanting to be stroked, too. I take the lotion and oil her ass, her puckered asshole taking in one finger, sucking at it like a thirsty little hole. “Good girl,” I say, patting her ass as I finger fuck it. I put in two fingers, then three as I listen to her suck in her breath. I don’t give up, but I stop. I wait, holding my fingers there, then soon I push in deeper. She cries out, but I don’t care. I shove my cock up her ass, full up to the nuts. She screams in pleasure-pain and I can’t hold back. I flood her. This time I see her green eyes crying. This time I see her eyes, Jenny’s eyes, far away in Spain. 

Copyright  ©  2001 - 2004 Jamie Joy Gatto. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.
"Simple Mysteries" is excerpted from SUDDENLY SEXY, by Jamie Joy Gatto, an eBook available from Rennaissance eBooks.

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