Mind Caviar
"Secrecy is as indispensible to human beings as fire,
and as greatly feared."

~ Sissela Bok (1983)

Mind Caviar Issue 13, 2004-2005

A Trip to The Secret Museum
by Jamie Joy Gatto
I stumbed upon an artistic, intelligent treasure trove called The Secret Museum a few years ago while reading reviews at Adult Backwash, a community of reviewers who search the Web in order to find, review and post interesting, wacky, and often sensual sex-related sites, articles and individual pages. Adult Backwash is divided into communities of reviewers by specific personalities and topics, and their Top 40 picks can be delivered into your inbox each Monday. 

I opted to have the list delivered by email because it's just plain fun. Surfing their reviewer's picks always insures a strange Web trip, and I often find a site to bookmark for future reference, or for more detailed perusing later. 

Though sometimes the picks can be a little lame, the sites I choose to visit usually at least elicit a laugh if not a, "What the fuuuuck?" Which, to me, is what the 'Net is all about: sex, and giggles, and information.

The Secret Museum, however, was a link that inspired in me more than the normal reaction. At first I wasn't sure what to do when I arrived at the site. There weren't any text links, just a few beautiful illustrations, seemingly unrelated, yet cohesive in an odd sort of way.

The Secret Museum erotic art
The Secret Museum erotic art
By placing my cursor over the images, I thought I'd find some sort of mouse over effect. No, just the lovely pictures. Ok, I thought, a weird challenge is something I generally like, especially involving art, or word games, or puzzles.

So I clicked. Then I clicked, and clicked, and read and played, and marveled at the brilliance of the artist's mind. I spent over an hour on my first trip to the museum.

A collection of evolving themes, set inside "a collection of conceptual works," the site contains mysteries for the viewer to surf and explore. Many of the "exhibits" are interactive, containing text and hidden images, often using Flash animation, Splash layouts, and javascript pop-ups containing explanations and detailed stories about the art.

While I love the strange little details, I find the "missing pieces" the most interesting. There are certain places lacking text description that seem to be there to allow the reader's mind to fill in the blanks. Intelligent, sexy art-- what more could you ask for? I believe all good art challenges us in some way, be it emotionally, aesthetically, or literally.

Since my first visit, the site has morphed, and has been colored with new and provocative visual delights. Each "collection" I've viewed has been accompanied with a letter from the museum's Curator. At this time, an elaborate story has been developed surrounding the museum, its history, and the world surrounding it.

You'll have to do a bit of reading to catch up. The Secret Museum may be a site that is difficult to explain, but it is delightful to witness. I suggest a trip to see for yourself. Make sure you set aside a little time for your visit. It is easy to get lost in the museum's virtual corridors.

erotic art secret museum
The Secret Museum erotic art The Secret Museum's Curator has sent our Mind Caviar Readers a message to help set you all on your way to discovering what lies therein. 

Secret Museum

A Message From The Secret Museum's Curator

Dear Mind Caviar Readers and potential Patrons,

London is very old.  Its tangled streets are nothing compared to the knots of its psychogeography – the Hobbs Lane “bomb”, Boudiccia’s suicide and the Ripper murders.  Between the nodes of Hawksmore’s obelisks lies The Secret Museum - a collection of erotic works that draws the whirl and the rush of humanity into its quiet galleries.

Here patrons can enjoy creations that prove the categories of art and pornography are not mutually exclusive.

Tucked behind the blackened husk of a disused church, our gallery inhabits a large retrofitted Victorian house.  The birches in the courtyard may have withered with the Minsk Fallout, but inside glittering phials of luminous fungi reveal the beauty of polished mahogany.  It would seem that this site was chosen to stage a sexual insurrection, for beneath the building’s Saxon foundations lie the shattered Roman alters of The Cult of Cybele.

But we live in troubling times.  The sky is the colour of a cold cathode and the institution is not immune to the current factional violence.  It is becoming apparent that the Museum will play some role, for one group invests it with special meaning.  Though many visitors wear waxed ponchos as protection against the Fallout, several cloaked figures of bestial appearance have been sighted in our salons.

Time will tell.

I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, your must humble servant,

~ The Curator

Secret Museum
Visit The Secret Museum online to see more of this work, and to uncover the museum's many mysteries.

All images posted in this article and "Message from The Secret Museum's Curator" are copyright © The Secret Museum 2004. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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