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"There are two types of women: those who want power in the world,
and those who want power in the bedroom."

~ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929 -1994)

Mind Caviar Issue 13, 2004-2005

~ This Issue is Dedicated in Loving Memory of A. Kattaryna Breaux,
a Dear Friend, and a Wonderful Artist ~
We will never forget your contributions to the world of erotic art

Erotic Literature


experience finely-crafted literary sex

intimate erotic emotions
art by Claudio Parentela

Mind Caviar Erotica Features Mind Caviar Erotica
Marcy Sheiner
Amber Hipple
Alexander Renault's
Interview with 
Patrick Califia

Ophelia's Muse
Mind Caviar's Sister
webzine of erotic tragedies

A Bi-Friendly Place
resource center & erotica

Sexy Columns

The Diaries of Lady M

Lady M Erotic Fine Art Nudes
by Mia Jennings

Champagne Rouge
Creative Sex Advice
by Tina Hess

Hot Reviews

The Literate Slut
In-depth book reviews
by Tina Hess, plus exclusive Interview with Jaqueline Carey by Amber Hipple

Sexy Game Review
by Jamie Joy Gatto
Denmark's Erotic 4 You
Erotic 4 You

Beefcake Juicy Nude Boys
Juicy Naked Hunks
Male Strippers
XXX Movies for Women
Couples Erotica
Free Explicit Gallery
Erotic Art by Mia Jennings
 "Intimate Mia" copyright © Mia Jennings 2004. 
All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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New from Alex Renault

Soul Kiss: The Confessions of a Homoerotic Vampire
The sizzling premier novel whose antihero is haunted by what it means to be both gay and immortal...
Delicious Recipes

Creme de la Creme
Aldonza takes us to Morocco
through cuisine, music and memories in
Just Desserts!

Sassy Mz. Conduct pours us a Princess Cocktail in
Bottoms Up!

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