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"Personally, I know nothing about sex because I have always been married.

~ Zsa Zsa Gabor

Mind Caviar Issue 13, 2004-2005

Erotic 4 Real: Denmark's Sexy Lover's Game fit for a Crown Prince

by Jamie Joy Gatto

On May 14, 2004 a royal wedding was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The lovely Australian bride entered Our Lady Lutheran Cathedral, bedecked in iridescent duchess satin, and wearing an heirloom veil of Irish lace, and crowned with a diamond tiara. The air inside the cathedral was perfumed with the scent of roses and chrysanthemums which highlighted her pathway to the altar. There her Prince, overcome with emotion upon viewing the splendor of his bride, awaited the exchange of their nuptial vows. The entire city of Danish citizens flocked to the streets in order to celebrate this real-life fairy tale wedding.

Earlier the same month, a unique and unusual wedding gift was delivered to Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen in honor of the marriage of Crown Prince Frederik and his fiancee, Mary Donaldson. Designed to be elegant, yet evoke eroticism, and presented in a sturdy box treated with matte lacquer, Erotic 4 Real® an erotic game for lovers was given to the royal couple by Tine and Henrik Sjoerup, the game's creators.

Mind Caviar
Erotic 4 Real While we can only speculate as to the reaction of the couple's reception of the intimate gift, the royal couple no doubt marveled at the beauty of the game itself. Upon opening the burgundy-colored box, highlighted with a golden, faux-marble finish they would find a selection of various cards adorned with beautiful graphics nestled in black velveteen, along with one die, two golden playing pieces made of solid brass, and detailed playing instructions. After unfolding the game board, naturally they'd be impressed by the details highlighted with ancient erotic art, and bordered in the classic Greek key motif. Of course, they'd be intrigued by the layout of Roman numerated squares, maybe wondering how such a game would be played.

"The Object of The Game," the rules state, "... combines eroticism and 

relationships, which may lead to an exciting, warm, inspiring and fun night in... it may help in 'opening up' and getting closer to your partner."

How can a mere board game achieve the same results expected after numerous expert sessions in marital counseling, or bring about the sensual feelings experienced by a can't-keep-your-hands-off each other newly-formed couple? By asking players to guess their mate's most likely answers to questions posed on morality, emotion and lust. You see, unlike many trivia-style games, the person drawing a card must try to answer on behalf of his/her partner in regard to thoughts, emotions and desires. The partner then reveals whether or not the player's answer was correct. The "penalty" for an incorrectly guessed answer is for the correct answer to be announced. This revealed information often leads to discussion, and always leads to a better understanding of one's partner-- which is not at all a penalty, but the gift of intimate communication and a better insight into your partner's erotic mind.

If even the "penalty" reaps relationship and sex benefits, imagine what the reward for a correct answer might be! If answered correctly, players select in order from a stack of cards having explicit, sensual instructions. The stack starts off sweetly romantic, and progresses to just plain naughty. Along the way, players learn about each other's 

passions, fantasies, turn-offs and taboos in an intimate, elegant, and non-intimidating setting. Meanwhile players are slowly, yet steadily interacting in physical, erotic foreplay. As play progresses and the cards grow spicier, players grow hungrier with lust and longing for one another. It's no wonder couples often abandon their board game play for full-on bedroom play. Certainly such a delightful game has its place in the Crown Prince of Denmark's palatial master bedroom.

After the royal wedding celebration, the newlyweds were ushered into a chauffeured Rolls Royce, the rear bumper streaming with tin cans and "Just Married" scrawled across the rear windshield. The couple immediately took off to an exotic Tanzanian adventure. If they were smart, they ordered their valet to pack Erotic 4 Real® to insure their days and nights were spent with just the two of them entwined in passion, one step closer to a lasting relationship filled with frank, sexual communication, and years of delighting each other in the bedroom. Perhaps on return from the royal honeymoon, Crown Prince Frederik and his new bride gave their wedding gift game the bedside honor it most certainly deserves.

erotic review, erotic game, sex game for lovers

You can read more about, and also purchase Erotic 4 Real® an erotic game for loversat the official Web site. Erotic 4 Real® is available in both Danish and English versions. The cost of shipping is conveniently included with your purchase, and yes, they do ship internationally! 

We feel we must note: Mind Caviar was not compensated in any way to publish this review, nor do we get commissions on any sales generated due to its posting, or from our links to the game's Web site. We simply adore Erotic 4 Real® -- for real!

Don't you and your lover deserve to be pampered sensually-- treated like royalty? Of course you do. Now run along and order yours today.

Review/Article copyright © 2004 Jamie Joy Gatto. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post in whole or in part. 

Jamie Joy Gatto, Mind Caviar's editor/creator Jamie Joy Gatto is the creator/editor/designer and Web slave for Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse and A Bi-Friendly Place. She also works a full-time day job as a personal housekeeper, as well as she publishes her short fiction, essays, columns and poetry, and she writes and edits books and anthologies, and manages to be a hired webmaster for an unrelated site. Gatto also actually has a real life, and she is mated with a fiesty, sex-crazed boyfriend who is thirteen years younger than she. Jamie Joy fully admits she lives for games, especially word and/or sex-themed ones.
In her initial trial of Erotic 4 Real®, she and her partner achieved only correctly-guessed answers, which led to acting out explicit instructions on lots of sex cards, which ultimately fueled sexual mayhem, and then the total abandonment of anything that had anything to do with talking. For those reasons, she highly recommends the game. Visit Jamie Joy to see what else is new.
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