"If you don't risk anything, you risk even more."

~ Erica Jong


Mind Caviar no longer considers previously published work or any simultaneous submissions. We will only consider non-published, original fiction, essays, articles, reviews and poetry that is not under consideration in any other market. 

To be sure your work fits our high quality, diverse style and tone, please familiarize yourself with Mind Caviar fiction and poetry by reading our webzine before you choose to submit your work. 

All work submitted should include: 

  • A polite cover letter 
  • A professional bio written in the third person which includes previous publication credits, if applicable. 
  • Word count on all submissions (except poetry)
  • All attachments will be discarded unopened. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE.
  • NO HTML markups, colors, font styles. Please send your work in plain text in the body of an email.
All submissions will be answered and personally replied to within a three month period regardless of whether the reply is an acceptance or a rejection. Please query about pending submissions after three months at earliest. The editor has a full-time job, plus runs three webzines and is the webmaster for other non-related sites, and also works writing and publishing her own work. Time often doesn't allow immediate review of submissions. Thank you for being understanding regarding this matter. 

If your work is accepted for publication in Mind Caviar, you will be asked to agree to the following:

  • You agree to a six-month Web exclusive, not including your home pages and/or hard copy publications
  • You agree the work is original and does not infringe on any copyrights or break copyright laws
  • You agree you are at least 18 years of age
  • You may use a pen name, but your legal name must be disclosed to Mind Caviar
  • You agree not to submit the work for Web publication while your work is pending publication in Mind Caviar
  • You agree that if your work is accepted for publication following its debut at Mind Caviar, you will include Mind Caviar in future credits
  • You will be asked to send your work as a .rtf attachment (rich text format)

Features, Articles, Poetry and Fiction: Please send submissions politely addressed to Jamie Joy Gatto

Photos and Art: Please do not send us unsolicited photos. Send an inquiry with a brief description of the work, your credits, and/or a Web address with art posted to Jamie Joy Gatto.

Deadlines: Submissions are ongoing. Mind Caviar previously published quarterly. We now publish annually, with updates each February 14th for our Anniversary Issue additions. 

Content: Explicit sexual imagery is preferred. Writing must be sensual, preferably food or sex-oriented, thoughtful, emotion-provoking, dimensional and intelligent. Our focus is on indulgence and sensuality, but we are also looking for gender issues, alternative lifestyles, educational pieces and commentaries. No particular restrictions on profanity, except for the following suggestions: 

Words We Don't Like: Please avoid using the word "boobs" for breasts in erotica. "Cum" as a verb is spelled "Come" and "i" is spelled "I" even in domination scenarios. Male and female ejaculate may be referred to the slang term as "cum" but remember that it is a noun, not a verb. These are rough guidelines to consider.

Length: should be a maximum of 3000 words. We prefer less: shorter is better.

ALL GENDERS AND ORIENTATIONS ACCEPTED: queer, gay, lesbian, straight, monogamy, swingers, alternative lifestyles, polyamory, transexual, bisexual, onanism, fetish, BDSM and more. We LOVE "gritty and real" and we like diversity. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND: Romance, rhyming poetry, Penthouse Forum-style Porn, vampire stories, scat stories, rape stories, tales that consist of one long play-by-play sex scene, snuff stories. Writing with underage characters in a sexual situation, and all non-consensual sex scenarios are not acceptable. Please do not send photos, art or any attachments without a query.

Editorial Policy: We hold the right to edit all accepted submissions, however please spell check and grammar check any work submitted. We realize contributors are vital to our organization; we deeply value and respect authors. We strive to showcase talent in various forms and in countless, unique voices. Be assured, if your work is accepted for publication, we will treat both you and your work with the care and respect deserved. 

Compensation: We are not offering monetary payment for submissions accepted for publication in Mind Caviar. Mind Caviar is a free publication; the entire project is run out of pocket by editors who support quality fiction, art, writing and the intrepid publication of new, edgy and sensual work. We offer our contributors a chance to participate in a beautiful and quality project which may showcase their talent and create interest in their work. We offer links and professional contact information to all participants, banner placement on the contributor's pages if desired.

Many professional erotica editors regularly visit Mind Caviar to review the fiction for possible inclusion in future anthologies. To date many stories have been chosen to be included in anthologies, stories which originated from our publication.

Copyright: The original author, artist or photographer holds the copyright to his/her work. All rights reserved. All material submitted to Mind Caviar is reviewed in good faith that it is original work and does not infringe or violate any copyrights or copyright laws. Under no circumstances may any material in Mind Caviar be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the express written consent of the author, artist or photographer. All photographers submitting photographs depicting nude or partially nude subjects must have a legitimate form of identification to prove the legal age of the subject(s). All submissions accepted for publication will be archived. If you wish to remove your work from our archives, please contact us.

Banners: If you wish to place a Mind Caviar Banner on your web page, we have a selection similar to the one below. Click the banner to take you to our banners page. We gladly offer all our contributors a banner exchange.

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