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"When you cease to make a contribution you begin to die."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt (1960)

Mind Caviar is an effort of love entirely run by volunteers
who adore nothing better than Food, Sex, Literature, and Art

Jamie Joy Gatto
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Jamie Joy Gatto
Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder, Web Layout & Design, Graphics, Contributing Writer, Sex Advice: Champagne Rouge

Jamie Joy is very picky about her name(s) and really likes to be called by both, so please don't call her "Jamie". She writes sex columns for suspect thoughts & Prometheus. Her pansexual fiction can be found all over the Web, and in numerous anthologies and projects, including Best Bisexual Erotica 1 & 2, Best SM Erotica, Love Shook My Heart II, Of the Flesh, Guilty Pleasures and more. She's authored Unveiling Venus, a poetry chapbook, Sex Noir: Stories of Sex, Death and Loss by Circlet Press (2002) and Suddenly Sexy, a flash fiction eBook. She's co-edited Villains & Vixens with M. Christian.

Tina Hess
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Tina Hess
Web Assistant, Author Liaison, Contributing Writer

Tina Hess is a drifter, looking for a place where she doesn't quite belong just to stir things up.  Tina's short stories are currently featured on The Playboy Channel, XM Radio. She is the author of three electronic books and just released two hard copy versions that are available from her site and soon in brick-and-mortar bookstores across the country. Visit her web home to learn more.

Mia Jennings
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Mia Jennings
Staff Artist, Contributing Writer, LadyMia's Music, The Diaries of Lady M

Mia Jennings is a Renaissance Woman Extraordinaire. She is a mom, a wife, a writer, a music reviewer for the Twin Cities area, a model and pin-up, a professional BDSM submissive performance artist. She's a visual artist and also a song writer who records her own spoken word lyrics with darkly sensual vocals. 

Besides writing for Mind Caviar, her work has appeared in The Famous Poet's Society, The Iliad Press, Sparrowgrass Poetry, The Phoenix Press, Lightverse.com and Webpoets.org, and she is a regular contributor to Playground Magazine. Mia's inspired and sexy graphic artwork can be found throughout Mind Caviar, or you may visit Mia's Erotic Art Portfolio on-line. 

Aldonza the Diva
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Rant & Rave Reviews: Humour

Aldonza is a Diva, a rock starlet, a performer and a collector of toys, dolls and drag queen memorabilia. She loves make-up and cheap jewelry, the gawdier the better. She was once a hippie and a go-go girl and got a fab tattoo before it was a chic thing to do. Her favorite stage role, of course, has been the whore, Aldonza, in "Man of La Mancha." She lives in Chicago, has lived in Morocco, and has traveled extensively. New Orleans is her favorite place of all. Her fiction will be appearing in the anthology Villains & Vixens (Black Books 2003).

Sabrina Qedesha
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Sabrina Qedesha
Sabrina's Sacred Sex, Contributing Writer

Sabrina is a polyamorous, bisexual, transgendered mathematician and computer expert living in the decadent city of New Orleans with her beautiful wife and three precious cats. Her goal in life is to become one with the Divine through sex, drugs, rock and roll, in no particular order. Her esoteric work has appeared in Zibaq! and The Sistrum, while her erotic work can be found at A Bi-Friendly Place as well as in suspect thoughts. She has also published fiction in Lost Worlds of SF and Fantasy

Mz. Conduct
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Kim Alvarez
Mz. Conduct's Bottoms Up! Drink Recipe & Love Advice Column

Kim Alvarez is a saucy little sex advice columnist whose column, Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin appears monthly in SFX men's magazine. She published a zine called the Gutter Rag for several years and her erotica flash fiction and poetry have appeared at Brilliant Smut and Clean Sheets as well as Girlphoria and Venus or Vixen? She's written an article on animal abuse for Out of Bounds magazine, political reviews for Portland's Alliance newspaper, an art op-ed piece for The Chicago Tribune and Curio magazine. Mz. Kimi, as she so adoringly is called, is a garden goddess, weight room enthusiast, martini shaker collector, animal rescuer, bad girl extraordinaire and the mother you were warned about.

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Ian Denchasy aka "Freddy"
Just Desserts! Recipe Column

Ian has two main passions - sexuality and food. Currently, his voluptuous wife takes care of the first, the second is an ongoing affair taking place daily in his West Los Angeles home. He will begin attending culinary school in Fall 2002 at Santa Monica Arts College. He contributes writings and reviews to his own Web site, Freddy & Eddy, as well as Clitical, Sexuality.org, My Naughty Playground, and many others. He has also been published in numerous technical trade publications and mainstream magazines. 

His entrance to the online world of sexuality was sparked by a conversation with several women who tried to convince him that having sex only once a month was acceptable. His mission is to prove that ridiculous claim false, and to have sex as much as possible. What little time he has left is spent chasing around his rambunctious three year-old son and keeping the house clean.

William Dean
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William Dean
Staff Features Writer

William Dean is an erotic rambler, a media dude, and a graphic artist. He writes under his own name and the pen name Count of Shadows. He’s Associate Editor and Graphics Artist for Clean Sheets. He creates graphics and writes the monthly column "Into the Erotik" for Erotica Readers Association. Dean also hosts the column "Erotik Journeys" at BackWash.com. He's been published at SoMa Literary Digest, Hoot Island, , Literotica, Other Rooms, and more. His short stories have appeared in Desires, Tears on Black Roses, and Clean Sheets: From Porn to Poetry.

Chris Hall
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Chris Hall
Staff Features Writer

Chris Hall, a former San Francisco dweller, currently lives in New York. He writes and edits book reviews for Maximum Rock N Roll, and has been published in the anthologies Male Lust and Young Blood. He worked as a volunteer at the California AIDS Hotline, trying to promote sexual health. Hall is a skeptic, a godless atheist, and a cynic, but in the right circumstances he can display a sentimentality that would give Frank Capra diabetes.

Isabelle Carruthers
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Isabelle Carruthers
Former Fiction Editor, Contributing Writer

Isabelle has a soft spot for cheap wine and smoky bars, both of which are easy to come by in her adopted hometown of New Orleans. In her free time she enjoys sleeping, reading, writing, and playing electric guitar. She indulges a bizarre passion for Latin art, and owns a bigger collection of Guerreroan devil masks than any other sane person in existence. Her writing has appeared in Clean Sheets and Zoetrope All-Story Extra, Physik Garden, , Moondance and WordSalad. Her fiction has appeared in The Mammoth Book of Best Erotica, Clean Sheets: From Porn to Poetry and will appear in Villains & Vixens (Black Books 2003).

Alfred Richard
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Alfred Richard 
Former Food Columnist: Creme de la Creme and Just Desserts!

Alfred Richard has reigned as King of Exoticon, a sci-fi-fantasy con which was held annually in Alfred's home town of New Orleans. Richard is also the President of the annual New Orleans' Worst Film Festival. His official Louisiana driver's license bears a portrait of him in a Star Fleet Captain's uniform. When he is not overseeing his fandom, Alfred can be seen regularly on WWL TV New Orleans as a movie critic. His inspiration for delicious cooking comes from living in the culinary capital of the Western world, and from learning at an early age that delicious cooking can impress girls.

A. Lark
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A. Lark
Former Columnist Lark's Tongue: Musical Musings of the Rare and Unusual, Contributing Writer

A. Lark is an amateur exister and lexiphile, with a lust for metaphysics and labeling things. He's a media slut, with a preference for animation and subtitles. Lark lives in a perpetual delusion-- but not one of grandeur.  He believes that it's much better to disturb than to entertain, but that if you're really good, you can pull off both at once. His work usually never strays out of his sight, and he's already asked Max Brod's heirs to burn everything after he's gone.

Cassandra Snow
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Cassandra Snow
Former Columnist Literate Slut, Contributing Writer

Cassandra Snow has worked in various forms of expression over the years– from poetry, playwriting and novel writing to dance, theatre and photography. A graduate of Northwestern University, Cassandra currently works as a freelance journalist/writer. In addition, she is the author of a collection of original poetry, two stage plays and numerous works which have appeared in publications throughout the U.S. and abroad. At present, she is working to bring her novel, Yogi Love, to completion. 

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