"I am never afraid of what I know."

~ Anna Sewell (1877)

Mind Caviar Issue 13,  2004-2005


Mind Caviar

Hijacked: an Interview with Patrick Califia
by Alexander Renault

"It is especially painful to grow up in a subculture that is racist, sexist, homophobic, and of course, anti-transgendered people, as well when those prejudices are based on a belief that God reifies this hatred. You canít argue with God."


Mind Caviar

It's Not Easy Being Bi
The Delusion of Denial
by Amber Hipple

"Iíve always known. From the first moment my tits became more than just nipples, and the first red hair sprouted on my mound of Venus, I knew that men and women were beautiful, wonderful human beings."


Mind Caviar

Legacy of the Grandfathers
A Meditation on Jewish 
Sexual Attitudes
by Marcy Sheiner

"Nice Jewish Girlhood was lost to me forever. Some forty years later, when I published Sex for the Clueless, the first thing I felt when I held it in my hand was: "My God, my mother is going to read this!"

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