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"The nice thing about egotists is that they don't talk about other people."

~ Lucille S. Harper

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Mind Caviar features the Creme de la Creme of Erotic Fiction
The following stories and poems were first published in Mind Caviar:

    • "What a Muse Looks Like" by Shaun Levin chosen for Best Gay Erotica (Cleis 2002)
    • "Envy" by Eden Lenz chosen for Best Women's Erotica (Cleis 2002)
    • "Laverne & Albert and the Wild Buckaroo" by TigerLilly chosen for Best Women's Erotica (Cleis 2002)
    • "Triangle in the Quarter" by Jack Random chosen for Best Bisexual Erotica 2 (Black Books/Circlet 2002)
    • "Riveria Reverie" by Indigo Silke chosen for Marcy Sheiner's Ripe Fruit (Cleis Press 2002)
    • "Water Fall" by Jamie Joy Gatto chosen for her erotic - tragic collection, Sex Noir (Circlet 2002)
    • "Hungry" by Jamie Joy Gatto also included in Sex Noir (Circlet 2002)
    • "Cage #1, #2, #3" by James Williams included in ...But I Know What You Want: Queer, Queer Tales  (Grass Stain Press 2002)
    • "Sensing", "Sculpting" and "Lullabye" by Jamie Joy Gatto included in Unveiling Venus (2001)
    • "First Date" by Sage Vivant chosen for Villains & Vixens (Pending Publication)
    • "Madeleine" by Aidan Baker chosen for Wound Culture (Unbound Books 2002)
    • "When My Love Went Back" is an extract from Shaun Levinís novella, Seven Sweet Things (UK 2003)
    • "Wide White Sky" by Cheyenne Blue chosen for Best Lesbian Erotica 2003 (Cleis Press 2003)


Our Latest Unsolicited Recommendation & Praise: 
The Pleasure Chest, the original "sex toy boutique" since 1971

"I just found www.mindcaviar.com and loved it! We're always looking for new upbeat, sex-vital sites to recommend to our online customers.... The sex-positive approach of your site has the features we seek and desire. I think your site is fantastic. Your galleries are HOT and your sex-positive attitude is right-on target with our sensibilities."

"Mindcaviar.com is a virtual cornucopia of sensual treats. Here you can read, look at, listen to and even bake erotica. Be sure to check out the no sugar, low-carb cheesecake recipe.... a sinner's dream come true."

~ Dan Lishner of

Fall 2004

We are delighted to receive the Bi Men's Network Award
bi men, bisexual men, bi men network award
for outstanding service to the global bisexual community 
as well as the GLBT community worldwide

Fall 2004

Mind Caviar was honored to have been a nominee for 
Erotic Website of the Year 2002 by London's Erotic Awards

Fall 2002

Unsolicited Review: Spectator Mag calls Mind Caviar "Erotic Brain Food" and then says:

"... if you shoot over to Gatto's www.MindCaviar.com you can get lost [again] in rich, substantive stories, many of which have been picked up by Cleis, Circlet, and other anthology presses."

Spring 2002

Unsolicited Review of the Anniversary 2002 Issue from Freddy and Eddy:

"Mind Caviar is a site that stimulates the sexual through the temporal. With a focus on original writings, Mind Caviar also (unlike almost every other sex/erotica site) pays considerable attention to the OTHER senses and their relationship to sexuality, such as food, music, and art. As a passionate cook, I was quite impressed to see recipes that did, indeed, entice the senses. On another note, the Sex Advice column tackled a very difficult subject in Golden Showers (I'll let you read it yourself rather than summarize) and treated the question a lot more thoughtfully than I'd expect. Actually, I don't think I've seen the subject actually addressed before in an Internet advice column. 

If I had to define Mind Caviar in one word, it would be "original." Jamie Joy Gatto, the site's founder, seems to hit all the right notes and manages to find unique subjects and the short stories (in particular "Before He was Mine," by Isabelle Carruthers and "Tease," by Miranda Simone) kept me reading into the wee hours. Hope you will too.


Spring 2002

We have won the honor of an award for our cover art 


This award was sponsored by Critters Workshop, an on-line workshop/critique group for serious writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. While we don't publish sci-fi, Mind Caviar encourages quality submissions of erotic fantasy and dark erotica. We also publish erotic tragedies in our sister zine Ophelia's Muse.

Spring 2001

Sandor Gardos, Ph.D. at About.com proclaims we are a:

"Gorgeously lush site for intelligent erotica readers..."

June 2001

Edith Bellamy of Pink Gladiolas writes about Mind Caviar: 

"a sleek and sophisticated site with the feel of black velvet, 
is, as its name implies, a rich delicacy to be savoured..."

"...You'll most likely agree that [it's] at the cutting edge 
of post-modern erotic literature and art..."

Summer 2000

"If you are looking for a classy, [non-hard] website on sexuality,
then MindCaviar.com is for you..." A Recommended Link Girl Today

"Newly launched into the ezine universe is this worthy effort...
a high quality, fine taste, worthy read."Jane's Guide

"A visual delight full of poetry, features, recipes and art.
An impressive debut." A Recommended Link Clean Sheets

Spring 2000

"Mind Caviar is a 'zine that will be worth checking out..." 
Pif Magazine

"Food, sex, literature and art, my favorite basket of goodies!"
A Recommended Link by James Martin About.com

Adrienne Benedicks at Erotica Readers Association

"Highly recommends Mind Caviar."

Mind Caviar is a proud recipient of Pink Gladiolas
Top Site TG Award of Excellence.


 Mind Caviar is a  Network Member.

Mind Caviar Rated Quality and Original in Jane's Net Guide.

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Sex Noir by Jamie Joy Gatto AVN praises Jamie Joy's latest collection: "Sex Noir... delivers a sexy, yet moody slice of erotic fiction that should please fans of the genre. Gatto's tales range from sexy to harrowing, from tragic to optimistic, and from hardcore to sugary sweet-- sometimes all within the same story."

Click on the book to learn more about Jamie Joy Gatto's collection of dark erotica, Sex Noir published by Circlet Press.

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