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Utahna Faith is active in her writing community in New Orleans. She's an author, editor and poet most known for her flash fiction and prose poetry. She is the founder, creator and editor of the hard copy literary journal, Wild Strawberries, and she is the flash fiction editor and poetry editor for 3 AM Magazine. She lives with her darling dog, Story, in an historic neighborhood near the French Quarter, and regularly enjoys cocktails and nonsense with Jamie Joy Gatto, Mind Caviar's editor. A romantic at heart, Utahna believes in the power of love and in the existence of Twin Flames.


Her name was June, and I wanted to be her Anais. We eluded our dates and drank absinthe together at the smoky bar.

She led me to the moon-splashed porch of her bungalow. Our lips touched. She unlocked the door.

"Come," she said.

I wanted to come inside her like a man. On her bed it was my tongue, my fingers, her tongue, her fingers, inside. Teeth on breasts, body to body. Tiny bundles of nerves rocking together, exquisite.

Emerald eyes met lapis in the candlelight. Strawberry hair tangled with lemon-honey.

It is June, and I love. We come.

Copyright  ©   2004  Utahna Faith. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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