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Lily Cattail's humorous erotica and other twisted tales have appeared in such places as Inside Bay, Cherry Bleeds, River Babble, Divine Pleasures, San Francisco Reader, and Dead in the End Zine.  She lives in San Francisco, where she is actively unemployed, and spends her free time stage-managing events, hosting artist how-to work shops, making bizarre documentaries, and watching cartoons while writing. You can find out more about her at lilycat.com

I Can't Go Grocery Shopping Without...

There was a while after a bad breakup when I was drinking a lot, I was definitely being a bit of a slut. Nevertheless, I was staying close to home with it. Seems I couldn’t even go grocery shopping without running into someone who'd touched my breasts.

There were two guys that worked at my corner store with whom I'd had brief flings. Between those guys and all the other neighbors, I'd had drunk-late-night groping sessions on my doorstep almost nightly back then. Every time I'd go to buy a pint of milk, I'd end up giving shy smiles and a giggly "hello" to at least one man who'd ended up feeling my personal milk pints.

Tony, though, I hadn’t been with yet. In the three months he'd worked at the store, he'd been getting friendlier and friendlier with his touch. Perhaps it was my reputation, or perhaps it was my flirtatious stares at his crotch. From our first meeting hand shake, to a more familiar hug, to hugs that lasted just a little longer, to finally having hands that slightly began to slide up to my breasts, his whole manner toward me became more sexy and playful. He'd begun acting like a lover, even though he wasn’t till that rainy day.

It was one of those intense springtime showers that caused flood bulletins to scroll across the bottom of the TV screen. No one was out on the street; and I wouldn’t have even ventured down the block, except I was out of toilet paper. I entered the store and shook off a mini rainstorm from my body.

“You don't have an umbrella?” Tony asked from behind the counter. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt, which showed off his damn nice muscle development quite well.

“I only seem to have broken umbrellas.” I headed down the aisle to the toilet paper section. I was bending down to look at the various prices and styles of TP that were on a floor level self, when I felt Tony behind me.

”You're going to catch a cold in that wet T-shirt,” he said. His warm, strong hands on my naked, wet stomach startled me. He'd begun to pull up the hem of my clinging T-shirt which proudly showed off my bra-less state of dress. 

I pulled myself away and stood up quickly, bumping my butt into Tony’s crotch.

He let out a moan and sighed, “You are a respectable lady, I shouldn’t do that.” He took his hands off my trembling body and backed away.

“I’m not so much of lady, as a white trash girl,” I muttered as I leaned back against the shelf above the TP, which held the chip and dip display. ”I’m more of a whisky and...” I wanted to say "dirty sex-type girl" but instead I ended with “Cheez Whiz-type girl.”

Tony was leaning up against the shelving unit that contained the Cheez Whiz. He grabbed a can and popped the top off.  “Oh, really?” he said. He came closer again, too close. Then he leaned over me and pointed the nozzle of the can at my chest. With a few quick spurts, he drew a Cheez Whiz smiley face upon my cleavage.

I giggled. He dipped his head to my chest, hot breath hovering over the tops of my tits, then he began to lick the body art from my flesh.  I moaned, squirmed, and leaned softly back into the shelf. I stroked his thick, dark head of hair as he continued to kiss and suck my flesh. He started to raise his head, but I pulled it quickly back to my breasts. He peeled off my shirt, which clung like a second skin, then he suckled my nipples, which caused a flood of excitement in me.

Tony lifted me up, placed me on the counter with the chips display, and leaned me back into them, while he began to kiss my mouth. 

“The chips are breaking,” I said breathily. 

Bags and bags of chips began to crunch loudly as they were crushed under our weight.

“I don’t care,” he said, and then ripped open a broken bag, poured the crumbling food over my body.  He nibbled chips off me, planting soft kisses up and down my body.

Tony hitched up my skirt, slid my underwear down my legs. 

“Your panties are wet. Is that from the rain?”

“I don’t think so,” I cooed wearing a devilish smile.

Tony pulled down his pants and underwear to his knees, and glided his hard salami into my soft roll. My moans were almost as loud as the crumpling bags of breaking chips beneath me. As he fucked me faster and harder, we demolished bags of snack food: Doritos and Lays flew everywhere. Finally, Tony thrusted into my pussy just right. I came, shouting out loud, shivering over his hard cock. He came, driving into me deeply, then surely all the chips were powder.

“Wow!  That was great, but I have a big mess to clean up,” he said as he gently slid off me.

“Let me help you clean up the mess.” I leaned in and began to lick the cum off his dick.

Copyright  ©   2004  Lily Cattail. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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