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Utahna Faith is active in her writing community in New Orleans. She's an author, editor and poet most known for her flash fiction and prose poetry. She is the founder, creator and editor of the hard copy literary journal, Wild Strawberries, and she is the flash fiction editor and poetry editor for 3 AM Magazine. She lives with her darling dog, Story, in an historic neighborhood near the French Quarter, and regularly enjoys cocktails and nonsense with Jamie Joy Gatto, Mind Caviar's editor. A romantic at heart, Utahna believes in the power of love and in the existence of Twin Flames.

It's Good, It's Good

"Please. Please, I changed my mind." Marley's voice sounded desperate.

Ariel raised onto her elbows and looked down the length of her body. Marley was crouched between Ariel's knees, on the floor at the edge of her futon. His lips were engorged and glistening; wetness flowed onto his chin.

Ariel's sex still jumped and pulsed, though now at a much slower rhythm than moments before.

"Okay. Okay, do it," she said.

Marley looked around, wild-eyed, at the rumpled down comforter, under the pillows.

"Where are they?" he asked.

Ariel giggled, remembering her frustration only a half hour ago, when, after weeks of heated encounters, Marley had once again begged to push his beautiful cock inside her. When she had at last said, "yes" by handing him condoms, he had panicked.

"I don't know," she answered. "I threw them."

He crawled on the floor around the bed, naked and hard and gorgeous and funny, completely destroying the image of coolness that caused him such trouble to begin with.

Soon he had one of the little packets in his hand and was ripping it open, then towering over her as he rolled the condom on.

It was her turn to panic, a little. Is he finally really going to put that inside me? she wondered.

He did. All at once, forcefully. She was wildly wet from weeks of foreplay and her very recent orgasm, and he slid completely and exquisitely inside her.

"Oh," he gasped. "It's good, it's good."

Marley held Ariel's shoulders, kissed her and pounded inside her again and again and again. She said his name and said, "please" and tangled her fingers in the wild ringlets of charcoal silk that coiled out from his head and framed his face like dancing snakes. She couldn't think. She wanted him to slow down. She wanted to feel him.

"This is going to be fast," he said, between rhythmic thrusting exhalations. "I'm sorry."

"Please," she said again. She tried to look into his eyes. He looked at her, and the sound that came out of him was wild and overwhelmed. He slammed against her harder and then came, jerking out of her and pressing his latex-encased cock against her stomach. She felt it jump and spasm there, and wanted to be feeling this inside of her, the thickest part of his penis jumping against her G-spot, and the base throbbing against her clit. 

He collapsed on top of her. She kissed his neck. When he rolled off her after a few moments, she rolled with him a bit, laying her head on his shoulder. His arms were around her. Her hand rested on his chest. She looked at him. He looked frightened.

Within minutes he was standing, dressing, saying he was sorry, that it was almost light out and that he still really had to go. She smiled and feigned delirium, though what she really felt was closer to confusion. Confusion and a sudden distance from herself, like a lone survivor of a car crash wandering the side of the road.

"When should we talk next?" Marley asked, eyes on the carpet and feet shuffling next to the door.

"Whenever we want to," Ariel answered, hearing her confident-sounding voice coming from another universe.

He nodded, slowly, seriously, dazedly.

"Okay. Oh...okay."

Ariel sat up, and Marley leaned over and kissed her, lips closed. He left, and she fell asleep in the candlelight and dreamed of night flowers blooming, his face as a center, of waking next to the halo of his curls.

Copyright  ©  2004 Utahna Faith. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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