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Stephen Bradley was born in Western Australia and is now living in Queensland.  He's been writing poetry and short stories since 1995. Brad is the manager of a Flight Simulator, and has been working in the avionics industry since 1972. Weekends are usually spent in front of the computer, except when dragged away by his lovely wife of 25 years or at work with the local Rotary Club. Last year he shaved his head as part of a fund raising campaign for the Leukemia Foundation of Australia. To date he has had his work
published in Lotus Blooms Journal.

Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

Boardroom Mahogany 

After eighty minutes of Net-phone intercourse
her ego is sated by the deal, and with a flick,
she dismisses the local engineers; their techno
savvy no longer required. At the Sydney end,
puffed-up suits hold the line open

to argue decimal points and split infinitives.
and Carol lets them take the lead,
as they round already smooth decisions.
Just her and Philip left in the boardroom 
as she clicks caller mute and hits him

with her come-bang-me stare. The flame
in her eye and the supple curves behind
white satin, tell him what to do as reams 
of notarised documents are scattered
and scrunched by his bosses torso.

Background legalese from the forgotten
speakerphone punctuates his thrusts
as a sweeter deal is hammered out 
on polished mahogany littered 
with buttons and silken underwear.

Copyright  ©  2004 Stephen Bradley. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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