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Bobbi Baker says: "At the beginning of the year, as I waited for my divorce to become final, and I was incidently on a diet (aren't we always on a diet?), I found that food and sex had become constant themes in my poetry and other writings, as well. I am a previously unpublished writer other than on my personal website but have been writing since my teens.  After putting my poetry on my personal site, I have received very favorable reactions from strangers and friends, and I am now beginning the process of publication for a wider audience.

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Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

Chemistry 101

In a room stripped clean of furnishings
And the two of us stripped clean 
Of clothes and caution 
Pour cool drinks and mix in good music
Then like Gerbils in a wheel
Let us power the world
With the lemon sharp electricity
Crackling in the heavy air -
Sparking between us like 
Fireflies in flight.

A single kiss and Iíll fall into you
My head dizzy with desire
In this solitary room built for two 
Blood surges through our veins,
Throbbing in a shared rhythm.
Your eyes that paralyze 
Set my heavenly body in motion.
In an instant, like the flip of a switch
The hunger ignites us
And then reunites us
Once again in its fiery dance.

A searching glance recalls this memory 
Of your lingering touch not yet felt, 
So lightly landed, with shivers afire
Exploding and exploring the raw voltage of our dance.
And, we have danced this volcanic tango
Many times before, havenít we, love?
Yet time after time, all is newly familiar.

Cool air on our skin and the sweat of 
Cool cocktails on our palms
Cooling our fingers and cooling our tongues
Cool music floating through the air, 
Adding melodic punctuation to our freefall ballet.

In this world with electricity enough 
For the many worlds beyond us
There are no glaciers near or large enough
To quench or quell the intensity of this inferno.
Face it my pet, there is just simply no way 
To cool the heat
That lives in this world
Between us.

Claudio Parentela

Cowboy Moon

I pray nightly to the Moon God -
That one-eyed deity in the sky.
Tonight he is slung low on the hips 
Moving in a suggestive swagger.
Seduction personified, 
And pregnant with promise,
Backing away slowly while 
Sending those eye beams
In a steady gaze to me alone.
Who could resist such a sight?
A perfect body in slowest motion.
Damn, I would like to polish
That majestic orb against my hot skin
Then quickly pop his full icy roundness
Into my thirsty mouth
Before he melts completely away.

Ripe Olives

Feeling the smooth green skin of an olive, 
Resting gingerly on my tongue
Like my loverís smoothest hairless skin,
I like to suck the slimy pimento out first
With tiny separate nibbles, carefully
Protecting the oliveís tender flesh from anxious incisors.

The pimento soon melts into smooth sweet juices, 
Is swallowed and safely gone.
I explore the rim of the oliveís core 
With the tip of my tongue and then
Suck again - harder this time
Until the whole thing collapses
Into a briny festival of flavors

Poetry Copyright  ©  2004 Bobbi Baker. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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