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Zoe Richardson has been writing poetry and fiction for the past 25 years. Her work has been featured in Clean Sheets, Open Minds Quarterly, Pink Flamingo, and Afternoon Delights.  She studied writing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and is currently finishing her bachelor's degree. A transplanted Southern Belle, she lives, works, and writes in northern Illinois where she lives with her husband and children.

Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

White Silk

If she stood before you
wearing only wisps
Of white silk
Tied with ribbon rosettes
Around the sleek plumpness
Of her thighs

Would you watch
As her muscles played
Beneath the sheer
Fabric, begging a game of
Hide and seek with
Secrets farther up
The stocking trail?

Or would you think
Of legs, bare and warm
Wrapped around your back?
As you crash above
And she rides beneath
Until you both are whispers,
Fading in the encroaching dawn
While somewhere beyond
The tangled sheets lies
Two white silk 
Still warm

Claudio Parentela

Afternoon Tea

Farewells forgotten,

I make shadows my best friends;

a picnic blanket, afternoon sunlight

going deep in the woods,

and you deep inside me.

Two bodies make a sonnet,

blending rhymes beneath them

in Shakespearian sex. Hand to

hand they kiss in holy union.

Challenge meets condition and

woman bends to his command,

clay to the potter and each

spinning, shaping, collapsing;

a muddy mess on the

turning wheel of desire.

Whore Delicious

You, the well traveled
Minstrel, take your
Place above me.
Hands seeking the truth
That drips and soaks
Your fingers.
I am buttery with

You, the maker of
My seasons, taste your
Truth between my gates
Until you are bathed
With the need
To grant my wishes.

Fists clenched
And begging I am
Brought down to find 

Air filled with the
Spices of sex
Lingering with the traces
Of compliance.
You own it all--
The taste, the truth,
The wanton lying sprawled
And sated on your sheets.

What a whore I make myself
For you.

Poetry Copyright  ©  2004 Zoe Richardson. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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