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Utahna Faith  is active in her writing community in New Orleans. She's an author, editor and poet most known for her flash fiction and prose poetry. She is the founder, creator and editor of the hard copy literary journal, Wild Strawberries. She lives with her darling dog, Story, in an historic neighborhood near the French Quarter, and regularly enjoys cocktails and nonsense with Jamie Joy Gatto, Mind Caviar's editor. A romantic at heart, Utahna believes in the power of love and the existence of Twin Flames, and has saved JJ's life more than once with a kind ear and a quick tissue.

Illustration by Claudio Parentela  Visit his gallery online.

Castle C.

They pour one another
onto feather-down comfort
farther down the only
way to go

He travels
to her delirium destination
hypnogogic ocean waves lapping
her Wildcount lapping
delectable delta
Floating somewhere near the blues

of her eyes
as he rises
to know her
Lapis seas guarded
by delicate spiders
yet offered 
to the gaze
of a feral scribe


Claudio Parentela

Monsieur's doorstep states it:
The aim is clear

But is it?

Clair ou non, his aim is good
Mademoiselle ducks all arrows
no matter how precisely targeted
unless they fly in trinity
aimed directly
head heart pearl

They never hold court in his courtyard
and certainly not atop
the crumbling staircase
her angelhair tangled
his robe falling open
during decadent predawn goodbyes


We never intended to feed him,
my darling and I.
We followed him willingly,
seeking abstracts and concretes,
cock, knowledge and fire.

Sharp teeth sink
into delicate shoulder.
Ripe peach bruises
where grasped too hard.

He smiles droit du seigneur
and calls us a gift.

Lately, I call us

Chasse Belles

He invokes right of royalty
all over town
Confusion reigns
What century
And why is this delicate
circle growing

She hears his lust voice
Desperate despot
Love poems
in her ear
His heat
and around her

She eludes him
under moonlight

Others giggle 
in the ether
sigh and recite
through funeral lace and organdy
on soft satin embossed
with phrases

She runs in the mist
Resistance exhausts her
She falls
asleep on
neutral ground


All night marathon fuck fest
sunrise goodbyes
and she lies
in sex-scented
grip-twisted sheets
and dreams
tender and slaked
of encore


She never meant to play

She only wanted
an even 

with the beautiful boy
trembling and eager

who did please her again
and again and again

His essence dripping
from her lips
Energy glowing
inside her

She didn't ask too much
and yet
he gave it freely

until he swayed
on the crumbling balcony
in clouds of Indonesian smoke
orange tip tumbling
in the moonlight

He tumbled backwards
against antebellum rail

Did she catch him
or did he fly
like an angel

Copyright  ©  2004 Utahna Faith. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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