Mind Caviar Poetry

Paula M. Patton-Ross has previously published her poetry under the pen name, Tsaadig. Her work has appeared in Mind Caviar and in many other venues. She lives quietly with her husband and her wolf-pup, Lakota, in Tonopah, part of the Arizona Desert. Her latest book Tell Me Where The Trees Find Shelter? was published by 1stBooks Library, and can also be purchased in electronic book form on their website or at any of 20,000 bookstores nationwide.

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Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

Find the Pelvic Floor

My voice floated
like the bars
of a symphonic movement.
“Let’s try this,”
and I kissed him the words.
My hidden treasures
those of Monte Cristo
Where just a spread away
lay the key.

Visions of hope bathed
and attended me
Heralding the beginning
of some things new.
Trademark of solstice and equinox,
Dual pleasure,
Sweet anticipation
crept up on me.

Once satiated
through nerve endings
which linked a primal urge,
My moon of flesh catered to 
and cushioned,
would catapult
Him and me
toward the coveted Cosmos
where moments spill 
into euphoria.

The door to this transitory joy
Come, praise the consecrated area.
“See the neon arrow?”
An ultimate explosion,
a fountain to drink from 
as I flow.

Claudio Parentela

Meet Me in Spring

It’s cold outside, Baby says, the voice on the phone.

The secluded road, where I let you come into me

is now glazed with ice and snow.

The trees are bare, Baby,

and the sky doesn’t look the same.

The wind blows crisply and sharply

from over the mountains,

and there’s no smell of jasmine.

"No, I’m not."

"Yes, I want you to."

I miss that paradise.

"Oh, what I would do to you."

"Yeah, we should have."

Next time we’ll strip ourselves bare,

we’ll roll down the bank,

and into the forest,

then do it all over again.

Tee hee hee, I squeal,

"No, this time I lead,

and you’ve got to lie still."

Let me lick and suck

til we both become road kill.

"Touching myself…?"

"Oh, Baby, you should be here."

Copyright  ©  2004 Paula M. Patton-Ross. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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