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AJ Heard lives is writer of stories, flashers and poetry. She has poetry published in: Staplegun Press, La Gazette, Spill and Blue Moon. She has poetry on-line at: Erotica Readers & Writers Association, Ophelia's Muse, ENE magazine, Blue Moon, Staple Gun Press (Issues 3 & 4), and flashers published at: Love Pain, and stories at suspect thoughts and Blue Food.

Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

Expensive Scent

The bite of chain wraps around my wrists

Floating in sleepís shallows, body warm
Relaxed, the warmth of a finger varnishes
The betrayed center of my spine, not yet aware
Of the tear in my cocoon of security.

Open and vulnerable beneath
The stark Black and white flashbulb
Exposure, of a moon that hunkering down
Snoops brazenly into my bedroom. I swim
In denial of perversions nature, safe
In my willing obfuscation eager
To perform impieties to satisfy
This silken skin, my silken skin --
Our silken skin; I slither into becoming--
Silkie siren skimming an ocean of intoxication.

Nipples peaked in proud surrender beg to be suckled into submission

I dive to the visionless depths filled naively
With desire to be taken by my loverís want
While underneath a Pryor of deceit seethes,
Its trail covered cleverly in as yet un-noticed
Ashes from my willing sacrifice as loveís
Bony skeleton secretly rattles impotently
From the closet of my heart and I slip
Another level, a shorted out escalator
Permanently on down.

Then like a man refusing to ask
For directions, I continue
Secure in my arrogance of denial,
In the safety of the night,
In the cocoon of my bed;
I am led to the edge of ecstasies
Plateau, and I jump gladly into
The molten stream, below which wait
The jagged teeth of truth, to shred,
More easily to masticate all my dreams
And fantasies of dreams,
And longings gently secured
In images of lacy white.

Legs open, a door well greased by licentious invitation

Poised on the brink I tremble, a leaf
Waiting for the first gust of winter
To release me, to let me fly,
An arrow fresh from Artemisí quiver
While Impatience a bitch that scratches
And screams makes me itch
And writhe awaiting her tongue
A water slide that speeds me to reside
In satisfactions glade where I can lie
Sated and contemplate my--

But wait! No one is here, no warm hand caresses
My hip, or full lips touch mine with sticky nectar
From fleshy petals aching to be stroked and sucked.
No lover has escaped from Deathís shuffle to hold me,
Once again to tell me like rosary beads, each
Sensitive spot a novena of sensations till I
Surrender giving all my sins as proofs of her
Prowess, a fleshy Trojan horse I take her in again.

A painful pleasure, passion over flows giving birth

Falling into the watery abyss I crash,
Embraced by the jagged bottom I break,
Watching pieces of me float
To the top vomited back into reality
Here and now, months gone bye--she is gone.

Awake, alone I once more feel
Reverberating tension of cold metal,
The tenderness of swollen tissues
Still engorged with unrequited hunger
And evaporating through the silver shot night
The shotgun blast of broken bones,
A fading cry of passion carried on
A scream of denial wafting
On the lingering scent of her expensive perfume.

Copyright  ©  2004 AJ Heard All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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