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Karen Newman's poetry has appeared or is scheduled to appear in Scared Naked Magazine, Justus Roux's Erotic Tales, EOTU Ezine, Dreams and Nightmares, Project M Zine, and other places.  Learn more about her at her website.

Illustration by Claudio Parentela Visit his gallery online.

Musically Inclined

Blowing onto my pink-skinned trumpets
your lips trace a long winded path
to my hair drum to dance while
I tickle your ivories
in sixty-nine beats.
Our cantata
ends on the


It's been forever since we
made love.  I still feel your lips against my cheeks
and your arms wrapped around me.
My quivering body shrieks
for your touch and the satisfaction it seeks.


Claudio Parentela

Summer Time Treats

Our desire shines hotly in our eyes
as we go skinny-dipping
on our beach blanket.
While I lick a long hard dick cone,
my lover avidly devours
his cream in a thigh bowl.
We scream as we ride
the waves of love.

Wine Connoisseurs

I go down onto
your wine cellar
to pop the cork off
your wine bottle
after you peeled off
my cotton skin,
exposing my moist ripe fruit.
You stomp in my vat
while I bubble and ferment
into a sticky puddle.
We toast each other
in alternating licks.

Poetry Copyright  ©  2004 Karen Newman. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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