Mind Caviar Poetry

"Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry, stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie."

~ William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 4 Annual Issue, 2003
Plus Special 4th Anniversary 2004 Poetry

Anniversary Poetry

Julia Lesco
Four Delicious Poems:
Party Favors, Yellow, Water Wash Over Me, Fantastical Realities

Arlene Ang
Three connected poems: 
The Beef Carpaccio Affair, Rabbit in Blue and What DaVinci Missed

Anthony Beal
Three Poems:
Engorge, Temple Thief By Night, Belladonna

Scarlet Black
Two poems: 
Submission and Little Tremors

john e and PJ Nights
a collaborative poem:
Female Figure as Container

Alison Eastley
Three poems: 
Page 233, Bitten, and Rubbing Oracles

Matti Jackson
I Like to Watch

Astrid L

Kurt Lee
first communion

PJ Nights
Mosiacs at Twilight

Master Sade
Three poems:
We are the Darkness, Dancing, My First Flogger

Lisa Tice
Two poems:
With Idle Eyes and Watching You, Watching Me

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