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~ Alice Walker (1989)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 4 Annual Issue, 2003

How to Use Everday Items as Sex Toys

Advice by Jamie Joy Gatto with Guest Author Tina Hess

Reader's Question:

Dear Jamie Joy,

I like to use sex toys to masturbate, but I am tired of using the same old ones. I'm looking for new ideas. Also-- sex toys are so expensive. Do you have any suggestions for less expensive and new or different toys?

Jamie Joy Says:

Dear Reader,

Thank you for having the courage to write. I'm proud that you take time to give yourself sexual pleasure and that you are willing to invest in yourself sexually. A great resource on masturbation tecniques and philosophy is Betty Dodson. Check out her Web site. It offers a lot of advice and information on masturbation.

I also referred your question (anonymously, of course) to a fellow author who is writing a book about this subject titled 29 Ways to Use Everyday Items as Sex Toys by 29 Ways Press. She's done so much research and has so many great ideas, I thought it would be fun to get her input in answering your question. Tina Hess has come up with some very creative ideas. Read on...

Tina Hess Says:

Try using these ideas to spice up your masturbatory play. You can read about all twenty-nine items and scores of uses for each of them in my upcoming book. Until the book is published, here is some quick advice. 

If you'd like more information, have any questions, or if you'd like to be on my mailing list to get more information regarding my forthcoming book, Email me. 

~Tina Hess

Candles and Ice

Using hot candle wax along with ice cubes can be a mind-blowing experience when youíre masturbating.  This method, however, takes more preparation than others mentioned.

Select candles from around the house.  Votive candles are the best because the wax pools around the wick.  Place them where you will plan on being.  Then fill a bowl full of four to six ice cubes to place beside the candles.

Using candle wax and ice isnít simply a way to get off.  It is a way to heat up your sexual mood and to make your body beg you for an orgasm.

Recommended ways to use candles and ice:

  • Tease your nipples, then move lower.  The more turned-on you get yourself beforehand, the more intense the experience will be.
  • Start by dripping just a small drop or two of candle wax on your breasts.  
  • Trail the wax down your to your tummy.  Rub your clit as you do this, or after droplets of wax fall on your skin.
  • Now, hold an ice cube above your skin and let it drip on your heated flesh.  Donít wait too long to do this.  The idea is that the warmth of the wax and the coldness of the ice will add to your excitement.
  • Insert an ice cube into your vagina.
  • Let it melt as your rub your clit.  The cold water mixed with your hot juices will send you into a long-awaited orgasm.  
Remember to experiment with just little droplets of wax at first.  Hold the candle high above your body so the wax cools before it hits.  Then, lower it until you find the temperature thatís the best for you.

Baby Bottle Brushes

Baby bottle brushes are good for more than just washing bottles or glasses. The bristles can be exciting to use.  And, the handle is also a good substitute for a thin dildo. To use the bristles, soak the brush in warm water.  This will soften the bristles and make them less abrasive. They can be used like a feather by gently trailing them 
between your nether lips and teasing yourself into excitement. It could also be pleasurable to press the brushes against your clit, then, while keeping the pressure applied, rubbing yourself with them. The bristles will barely move, giving the sensation that hundreds of small fingers are touching you.  

Penetration can be achieved two ways with the bottle brush: 

  • The handle can be inserted into your vagina. 
  • They are usually thin and long enough for a g-spot orgasm.
  • The bristle side can also be used.  
Once again, soften the bristles and either place a condom or a thin, warm, and wet washcloth around it.  Secure the washcloth to the handle with either your hand or a rubberband.  You will feel the bristles rubbing inside you.  


Several objects have many uses, and the baby bottle brush isnít any different. Alternate the ends of the brush in your vagina.  Include clitoral stimulation using the brush also. You can also treat it as a feather and glide it against your body and over your breasts before masturbation.

Turkey Baster

Itís a really good thing Thanksgiving comes only once a year.  That leaves the turkey baster free the rest of the time. If you donít have one, any type of syringe type item will do (without the needle of course).

To start, fill the baster with warm water. You donít want it hot, but make the water warm enough that when you touch the shaft, you can feel the heat.  Ideally, make it a degree or two higher than your lover would feel against your skin. You will insert the baster into your vagina, using it as a cock or a dildo. Slide it in and out, if you want, but make sure not to release the water.  Yet.  Now, rub your clit with your fingers. Try putting pressing one finger on your clit and two on either side, pressing inward like a pair of tweezers.  The sensations are amazing.  

Remember to keep the baster inside your vagina.  Itís not necessary to move it in and out.  Do whatever feels best to you.  As orgasm approaches, release the water thatís in the baster slowly, preferably with six to seven squirts.  The liquid will feel like come. The water is not necessary to include for you to use this object as a sex toy.  But, if you like to fantasize while you masturbate, it will allow you to ďfeelĒ your loverís orgasm along with yours.  

Another way to use a turkey baster is to place it on your clit, open side down.  Squeeze the baster and release, allowing it to suck on you.  It wonít take long until you climax.  

If you look in your kitchen and find you donít have a baster, itís one new gadget youíre going to want to buy.  

Copyright © 2003 Jamie Joy Gatto and Tina Hess. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post in whole or in part.

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