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"In your eyes / The light, the heat / In your eyes / I am complete"

~ Peter Gabriel

Mind Caviar, Vol. 4 Annual Issue, 2003

Filthy Divine-- Experience The Musical Energy
Filthy Divine's eclectic style reaches out with its transcendental energy and pours pure, unbridled passion into the listener's soul. The lead, rhythm, and bass guitar reverberate in audacious, high-voltage style, screaming fiercely with hard rock, pop, blues, as well as many punk rock chords, which savagely creates a unique sound of their own. The drummer leaves one breathless with his heart-pounding beats. Filthy Divine
Viva, the lead female singer and lyricist, has a diverse voice which captivates with her talent and intensity. Fervent melodies roll off her tongue with cool confidence, lashing and caressing the listener with a bitter sweetness. Her altruistic voice croons diabolically with raw sensuality. Her lyrics haunt, casting spells for you to listen closer. It's like each word has the ability to reach out into time and space, grasp tightly upon one's senses, feverishly drawing one's spirit into her songs.

Filthy Divine is new to the Twin Cities area, forming in 2001 in Northeast Minneapolis at a house party. These kindred spirits coincidentally gathered, intermingled their musical talents, and soon discovered that when they played, it all merged magically, in synch. 

There's the angelic, yet fiery voice of Viva Long. Nick "El Gato" Torres strums with style and benevolence on his lead guitar. John Holtz and Nate Cole ride his musical waves on the rhythm and bass guitar. And Scott Albreck pounds with passion on his drums. 

In less than three months, Filthy Divine composed five compelling ballads. In less than six, the band recorded them independently at Grand Junction Records in Waterloo, Iowa, creating their first CD, Filthy Divine. They only had one day in the studio. Despite their short recording time and independent label, the music which was produced sounds strong and professional.

The group's name, Filthy Divine, defines their talent. It's laced with infernal bliss, clawing at the deepest part of your being, making one feel the dark and the light in their music. The band has played at several Minneapolis Venues, such as Legend's Bar and Grill and the Fine Line Café. They've played at The Terminal Bar and Grill in Northeast Minneapolis on September 26, 2002. 

Filthy Divine continues to compose new songs and to play popular Twin City venues, independent of management. They are currently seeking someone to oversee their musical endeavors, and hope to find an experienced agent who can further nourish their talents and career. 

If you want to find out more about Filthy Divine, buy a CD, or listen to samples of their music, check out their Web site at You can also pick up their newest CD, Filthy Divine, at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis or at River Flow Records in Hastings, Minnesota.

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Lady Mia LadyMia our own Mia Jennings, has been a music reviewer for the Twin Cities Blues News for several years. She's written reviews for artists such as Sista Monica, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Shannon Curfman, Ross William Perry, Lonnie Knight, Sue Foley, and many others. She's also worked with DJ N.R.G. from the U.K. 

Mia has begun experimenting putting music to her own erotic poetry. LadyMia mixes sounds and music to erotic poetry and stories for Oceania at Visit The Diaries of Lady M to read about her performances as a real-life sexual submissive, pin-up, burlesque artist and more. Mia also contributes original art work to Mind Caviar in every issue.

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