Mind Caviar Fiction

"The penis mightier than the sword."

~ Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 4 Annual Issue, 2003
Plus Special 4th Anniversary 2004 Fiction

Short Stories

Anniversary Stories

Chocolate Kisses by Tara Alton

Sweet Velvet Valentine by Tina Hess

Sugar High by Tara Alton
Remember Making Out? Oh, yes, oh, yum...

Trip to a Tea Room  by Shane Allison
Waiting in the Men's Room

Standing at the Edge by A. W. Hill
Illicit Sex at Forty-Thousand Feet

The Selfless Lover by Matti Jackson
Experience a Man Who Gives Without Taking... or Does He?

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've Got Cum in My Tummy
by Joy James
For a Sexier, Trimmer You... Move Over Dr. Atkins!

Eve's Dream by James Lewis
When Nightmares Never End

The Promise by Caroline Moon
Hope is Rarer than Life, and Infinitely More Fragile

In Homage to Stanley Kubrick by Don Winslow
Eyes Wide Shut Revisited

Short Shorts (about 1000 words or less)

Some Lessons by Richard Butner
A Course  in Sexual Survival

Interlude by Tracy Daniels
A Man Celebrates Moments with His Mistress

At Last... I Have Him Eating From The Palm of My Hand
by Cody Dare
A Forced Erotic Feast

You Are My Feast by Rich Denis
Food & Sex-- A Mind Caviar Favorite!

Cowboys and Poolhalls by Tempeste Johns
An American Fantasy

The Staff of Life by Claira Kennedy
The Joys of Bread Baking

The Kisser by Kayla Kuffs
There's Nothing Hotter Than a Good Kiss

Memento by Jay Lawrence
Recalling Sexual & Spiritual Entrapment-- a Novel Excerpt

Mr. Woodruff and Me by Maggie Mountford
What Fantasy Pushes You Over the Edge?

Daddy Loves Elizabeth by Mark Renton
Renton Returns with Filthy Age-Play Porn

Broadcast by Em Wycedee
For The Lust of a Warrior Princess

Graphic Art by Mia Jennings. Copyright 2002 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved.

"Mistress Jean" Copyright © 2002 - 2003 Mia Jennings
All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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