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James Lewis is a 31-year-old Navy enlisted man of twelve years. He has been writing short stories for about 15 years now, but has just begun the difficult but exciting task of short story and novel publication. His publishing credits include 3AM Magazine, EyeShot, Dark Fiction, Shadow Show, Abstract Black, Dare Magazine, Circle Magazine, Rundu, Nubian Chronicles, Babel and Nuvein Magazine. James likes to write short stories with an African American flavor. He finishing up a novel he hopes to publish one day ... preferably before the afterlife.

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Eve's Dream

"I keep having this weird recurring dream about what happened between me and my husband five years ago. It's the same scenario where I catch his triflin' ass fuckin' that jailbait bitch, but I always get a different outcome. That's why you see me waking up in the middle of the night sweating sometimes. I do kind of regret what I did, though. Shit, what would you do if you caught your husband of 12 years fuckin' a high school student? Maybe that's what my mind is trying to tell me; how I could have used a different way to confront his cheatin' ass."

The dream:

"Oh, my god," Derrick whispered, his lips quivering.

Eve didn't say a word, a blank stare locked on the pitiful face of her cheating husband. She looked back and forth at a young girl and a man old enough to be the girl's father.

Derrick jumped off of the young girl and sat on the side of the bed. His overhanging belly slightly concealed his rock hard penis, which was still snug tight inside of a moist condom.

"Eve, I... I can explain!" he said. "This is Joanne andů and." Derrick cut himself off, extending his hand out to his wife.

Eve stepped back, avoiding his grasp. She shook her head and placed her hands on her hips.

Eve covered her face with her hands. "How could you do this to me?" Her voice was shaky.

Derrick struggled to get the right words out of his mouth. "Baby, I'm ... I didn't . I'm sorry," he said, his energy deflating. He turned to Joanne and was about to tell her to get dressed when he noticed a calm look on her face. "Why you looking like that?" he asked, "you need to get--" Joanne placed her index finger on his lips, silencing him. "Shhhhh," she commanded. She slid her hand around Derrick's cheek and gently moved his head toward Eve. His frowning face had a "what the fuck is this bitch doing" look.

"How could you do this." Eve started again, staring at Derrick with a look of pain while pulling up her dress to her waist, her voice transforming to a seductive tone, "without waiting for me?"

Her thick brown thighs and white, silk panties were revealed, not too far from Derrick's stunned face-shapely hips and legs still looking like that of a 22-year-old. She gripped each side of her panties with her thumbs and slid them down her legs, her dress sliding back down her ample behind as she bent over. Her dark eyes were still locked on Derrick, a sly grin emerging from her face.

 "Happy 40th Birthday, baby," she said in a tempting voice, the tip of their noses touching each other. She leaned downed further and planted a kiss on his lips. As she raised back up, Derrick noticed her wink at the young girl-the same young girl he was sexing just minutes before in a bed she didn't belong.

 Derrick sat motionless, too stunned to return Eve's peck. He turned to the young girl behind him again, uncertain how to react. His eyebrows shot up further upon seeing the young girl's sexy, unconcerned smile. She raised herself up on her elbow, her extensions dangling along her shoulder as she stared into his disbelieving eyes.  

"Happy Birthday, baby," she repeated in a voice strangely similar to his wife's. She began stroking Derrick's sweaty back. "Are you surprised?" Derrick stared at her, then shot back to his wife, catching a glimpse of her dress slithering down her body to her ankles. He looked at her with a giddy grin as she reached around her back to undo her bra strap. Her bra fell to the floor, exposing her 38-DDsized breasts.

 "Hell yeah, I'm surprised!" he replied after a long pause. "What's really goin' on?"  

 "What you've always wanted," Eve replied. "Wasn't it your fantasy to have two women in your bed?"

 Derrick looked back at Joanne and turned back to his wife, his giddy smile wider than before. "Uh.yeah! Hell yeah!" he exclaimed. He clapped his hands together like an excited kid at a circus.

 Eve stepped out of her dress and lightly pushed Derrick back toward the bed. Derrick didn't resist her advance, leaning back toward the smiling young girl behind him. Eve straddled his chest and inched her thick hips toward Derrick's head, her shaven canal of moist flesh inches from Derrick's jaw. His eyes gleamed with joy and anticipation as he saw four brown-skinned breasts dangling over his head. Joanne's braids nearly blanketed his face as she lowered her head down to his lips. He chased her swirling tongue as their mouths moved together in rhythm. He could feel the tip of Eve's tongue creeping down the center of his chest. She slid down his body, her hard nipples touching his twitching chest as she moved. She circled her tongue around the short area of flesh between his belly button and penis before her knees touched the carpet.

 "Oh, shit," he moaned, as Joanne slid her tongue down his cheek toward his neck. He gripped his fingers around the bed sheets, trying hard not to explode as each female explored his most sensitive spots. Eve stroked her hand up and down his penis a few times before pulling off the condom, eyeing Derrick with a devilish grin. His heart raced as she inched her lips and tongue around his scrotum in slow, measured movements, her fingers fondling his crown jewels. Derrick's body shuddered with delight, his eyes bulging and legs shaking simultaneously. Eve's moist lips gently wrapped around the tip of his member, mixing a glob of saliva in her mouth, creating loud, sensual slurping sounds.

 "You like that, baby?" she said in a low voice, pausing to lock her eyes on Derrick's trembling head. He was gritting his teeth and making snorting sounds with each gasp of air. His head shot up as Eve returned to her "job." He tried to plant his feet against the carpet to resist the involuntary twitching in his legs. .

 "Uh... ye...I...shit. Sheeeit!" he exclaimed, making up a new garbled word with each tender spot Joanne and Eve found with their masterful art of tongue exploration. Joanne worked her lips in circles around Derrick's neck, ears, and head, brushing her smooth breasts around his face as they followed the direction of her wandering tongue.

 After making a slobbering pit stop at both of Derrick's nipples, Joanne followed her tongue down his chest in a zig-zagging motion toward the same area of sensitivity that Eve made home. As she worked her way down, she raised her left knee over Derrick's head and carefully set it down next to his ear. A loud moan escaped Derrick's lips. He opened his eyes to see Joanne's legs spread apart over his nose, the tasty presence of her sweet smelling sugar walls dancing over him.

 Joanne made her way toward the main course meal, establishing turf on an "edible" nut. Eve moved her head to work her magic on the other side, making sure to not leave it unattended. Derrick raised his head with a silly grin on his face, sighing, seeing two brown-skinned women--one caramel, the other butterscotch--rotating gloriously around his chocolate "Snickers" bar.

 "Yeah," he murmured, "Chocolate City." He lay his head back on the bed, staring into Joanne's mound of youthful moistness. He raised his hands and placed them on each side of Joanne's hips. As if on command, Joanne lowered herself down toward Derrick's awaiting tongue.


 "Hold up! Hold up!" Sharnell cried, amid loud grunts of laughter. "Now that was way too bugged out! Your ass is trippin' now!" Sharnell rolled around in the top bunk, the tattered mattress making screeching sounds with every movement.

 Eve stared up at the rusty springs from her bottom rack. The springs shook as Sharnell's 280-pound body rolled around in her bunk, bellowing with laughter. The large indentation from Sharnell's large body always made Eve worry about her crashing through the mattress while Eve slept.

 "Well, shit, I can't help what I dream!" Eve replied, amid her chuckles. "I shoulda done something like that, though. I probably wouldn't be in this shit-hole right now. Which one do you think is better?"

 Sharnell leaned her head over her bunk. Her wild, uncombed black mane laden with gray strips hung over the mattress. Eve looked over at the younger chubby-faced woman, her light-brown skin looking more aged and haggard than her 38 years. Shanelle's crooked teeth and dry, peeling lips somehow formed a smile.

"I know yo' ass been in here too long now," Sharnelle joked. "Personally, I like the scenario that got yo' ass in here!"  

Eve wiped a tear from an eye caused by the uncontrollable laugh session she and Sharnelle had shared. It was a rare fun occasion within a life utterly different from the "perfect" life she thought she had just five years before.

Eve lay still for a moment, then her face became blank. The bags under her eyes indicated a need for a quiet night's sleep that hardly came. The vibrancy her face once exuded had been replaced by dark wrinkles, conveying the strain of a long-term, painful existence.

 She adjusted her head around on the small pillow. "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing," Eve sighed. "I'm 46 years old and I've been in here five years, still dwelling on the same shit. All I know is I'm glad I can joke about it, I guess, considering where it got me, ya know?"

Sharnell glanced at the cracked, cement floor. "Yeah, I feel ya," she replied, her head still over the side. "I done been in here seven sum years, still thinking about how I coulda done it different, too. Of all people, I had to catch him fuckin' my sister! But you know what? I didn't like my sister's bitch ass anyway. They both got what they deserved--three bullets for both dey asses. And I don't regret shit!"

Eve tilted her head and frowned. "You don't?" she said, surprised. "Damn, I do. Here am I lying in a cold, hard bunk serving 20 years. All because I, the good wife, decided to come home from work early one day to surprise my supposedly faithful husband for his birthday!" Her tone became agitated. "I made fuckin' dinner plans at this fancy restaurant and everything, just to catch his ass in my bed with a child!"

Sharnell stared at Eve, giving her a moment to vent. "Well," she sighed, "all we have is each other now. We come from two diff'rent worlds, but we in here for the same damn thing. At least you didn't get life."

Eve grinned. She turned her head toward the other end of the cell, staring at the dilapidated walls, torn posters, and nasty commode that she and Sharnell had to share. Just then, a short, chunky prison guard walked down the prison aisle, whistling an annoying happy-go-lucky tune. Eve turned to see the pink-faced older man with the wobble walk, rattling his batten against the steelbars of their cell. He flashed a condescending smile at the women as he walked by; a smile that said, "my ass gets to go home at night."

Eve hissed at the older man, secretly envying his ability to walk, sleep, and shit anywhere he pleased. She closed her eyes for a moment and exhaled. "Well," she said, "this is my reality now. A master's degree in education went right down the fuckin' drain. I have to deal with it. I admit it, though, I do kind of feel sorry for that girl. Derrick manipulated that child. She was only seventeen and I heard she'll never walk again."

"Shit, I wouldn't be," Sharnell replied. "Look, that fool had a seventeen-year-old ho inside your house, fuckin' in your bedroom, with her slutty ass leaking pussy juice all over your satin sheets that you paid fo'!" Eve burst out in laughter, then covered her mouth to suppress the loud chuckles. "Leaking pussy juice, huh?" she said after uncovering her mouth. "Since you put it that way--"

"You know I'm right," Sharnell cut in. "Think back to that shit five years ago. I mean, really think back, and tell me if you woulda done anything diff'rent."

More subterfuge, I realize. We think alike. If he'd closed the door, it would be suspicious. He goes to kiss me again.

Eve pulled the stained prison sheets from her waist up to her neck and stared at the mattress springs above. She recalled that awful day, visually reliving the events that led up to the moment that would change her life forever. She remembered the screams the moment she walked in the front door-and how the undeniable shrieks of pleasure grew louder as she walked up the steps. She remembered not wanting to believe what she was hearing as she got closer to the bedroom door, still shaking her head in denial, the tears welling up, but none falling yet. She wanted to believe the grunts from the man coming from behind the door belonged to someone else because her husband-a man she had loved, cherished, and committed her life to for 12 years-never made those kind of sounds with her. She remembered the long, painful moments she endured before gathering the nerve to open the door. It was all like some hazy, awful nightmare; everything seemed to move in slow motion. She remembered pushing the door open and her eyes locking on the adulterous transgression in progress before her eyes, her husband slobbering all over a young girl with lust in his heart. Eve grimaced at each thought of betrayal and the tears finally fell. She remembered how the young girl screamed upon noticing Eve walk toward the dresser and pulled open the top drawer, grabbing a small gun. She remembered the shots firing . bullets piercing the young girl's back . her rolling off the bed and falling to the floor . and Derrick pleading for his life, yelling something like, "Baby, please don't! No!" .

The last spotty recollections were of the sick sound of Derrick's head slamming against the headboard, his motionless, bloody body sprawled out over the bed . her calling 911 moments later, confessing her evil deed. A police officer pulling her limp body off of the floor with the smoking gun inches from her feet, the fury she felt upon seeing another officer tending to the crying, wounded girl.

"Leave her fuckin' ass there!" she remembered screaming before crumpling to the floor and blacking out. "Leave her fuckin' ass there! Leave her ass fuckin' ass."

Then there was silence.

"You know what, Sharnell?" Eve said, a tear rolling down her cheek. "I would've changed something."

"Yeah? What?" Sharnell replied.

An evil smile emerged on Eve's face. "I would've made sure I killed that bitch."

Sharnell grinned and extended a hand out to Eve. "Now that's what I'm talkin' bout'," she said. "Gimme some." Eve slapped her hand and rolled onto her back, closing her eyes.

"All right, girl," Sharnell said, "I'm takin' a nap. Dey showin' Set if Off again tonight. Gots to see that."

Eve wiped away her tears. "All right, Nel," she replied, opening her eyes. She turned to the wall closest to her, and ran her hands around a crumpled, taped-up Polariod picture of her daughter Monica when she was five years old wearing a pink oversized parka and a sunshine smile. Her daughter was the only person who gave Eve the power and will to survive her nightmare. Many warm memories of Monica were always dancing around in her head, soothing her. She felt blessed knowing her daughter, now twenty-two years old, forgave her long ago, writing letters and visiting her regularly. Eve would see her daughter the next day and she could hardly wait.

Copyright  ©  2003 James Lewis. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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