"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."

~ Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 4 Annual Issue, 2003

September 13, 2003

Dear Diary,

I awoke early on a Saturday.  The morning was crisp, veiled with autumn sunshine, absolutely gorgeous. But I didn't mind being indoors at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis, listening, observing, and experiencing a truly fascinating artist. Robert Dante, an Internationally known bullwhip Master, instructed about forty people in a private lesson for Minnesota Stocks Debentures and Bonds (MSDB) and Whipsters group. 

Dante's whips, sleek and sinewy, sliced through the air like aesthetic poetry.  His mind, body, and soul merged together, carefully choreographing the snaps, swivels, flicks and various other movements of his wrist, making his whips dance with a Taoist rhythm.  The sinful sounds of them cracking, were like music to my hears.  I felt breathless at times.  My body tingled from the titillating energy released from the artist. It felt like voltz of electricity buzzing through his whip.  My jaws dropped, observing, mouth wide open, agape, as his leather instruments loudly sounded, cracking salaciously, sending impulsive shivers and delicious shudders through my body.  My panties felt hot and wet from my thrill, observing his demonstration so intently. 

Lovely Lady M and Mistress Jean
 A portrait of Lady M near her new home

The Demonstration Gets Personal

From the first few moments of his presentation, my carnal appetite growled in my soul.  I knew I had to feel the sensation of his whips before the day had ended.  It was a craving I had to feed.  There was no denying my hunger.  I felt almost starved for the sensation, witnessing his beautiful, submissive assistant, Tina, remove her sarong, unveiling her almost naked body to the audience.  Soon she transformed into a piece of blank canvas for this adept artist.  Immediately, I was mesmerized, sucking in my breath, holding it unconsciously, when Dante's whips reached out, carefully caressing his assistant's graceful limbs. My dark, brown eyes glazed over as if I was experiencing the scene myself, feeling as if I was drifting into the sublime realm of subspace.  My breath pattern became heavy and raspy with arousal, observing his whip beautifully snap upon her firm, round buttocks.  Erotic heat radiated between my taut thighs, witnessing the way Dante sensually massaged her bare back with his various whips. My torridity increased, pulsing hotly upon my clit, eyeing his whip delicately wrap itself around her sculpted calves like a snake in the Garden of Eden. Oh how I wished to be her!

Meet The Master

Robert Dante is an amazingly talented man!  Some may have seen his appearance on HBO's Real Sex.   He is also recently recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records for cracking a whip 203 times in one minute, on September 2, 2003.  Robert Dante used a six foot long, Australian made bullwhip, created by Mike Murphy.  He also does performances and workshops all around the world.  In places such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Chicago, Columbus, New York City, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Dallas and Houston. 

Dante is also a multi-faceted man, who is the founder and coordinator of LA Whip Enthusiasts. He teaches a weekly bullwhip class at the Dream Circus in Hollywood. He is a member of the Wild West Arts Club , and he writes a monthly column for Wild West Performers Magazine Online . All this and more information can be found at Robert Dante's web site. 

My Experience in Trusted Hands

I was extremely touched by Dante's down-to-earth style.  I smiled from ear to ear from his humor.  My brain buzzed from his instructional words.  I was intrigued with his Taoist approach and Zen-like philosophy.  He had a way of connecting with his crowd as he methodically taught basic cracks: the overhand, the circus crack, and the stockman's (or cattleman's) crack. We were also instructed of the underhand, which is a variation on the overhand crack. He was patient with the volunteers in the crowd, who wanted to learn his classic style. He was so polite, answering all questions asked.  Dante also radiated a genuine warmth that most people don't possess as strongly.

I just about melted into a puddle of orgasmic mush when I finally had the opportunity to feel the art of his bullwhip.  The intricate, ornate cracker carefully attached to the whip's ened, decorated the naked skin on my back with light, pleasant burning welts. Unfortunately, I was unable to become a total pain slut and experience the full impact of his lashes, because I had a burlesque show to perform in that evening. The crowd I was to perform for probably wasn't going to understand my thrill for bullwhips,  which frustrated me quite a bit--  although, a little tease was better than not experiencing Dante at all.   But, oh, how I really wanted to feel the intense energy exchange between us that only really sparks when I can drift deep into a scene. 

I was honored and dumbfounded when Robert Dante gave me the cracker he used after our scene.  I will cherish this forever in my box of memorable things which I keep under my bed.  I want to always remember Robert Dante whenever I feel it's soft tassles in my hand. 

If you'd like to learn more about Robert Dante or purchase one of his videos, visit http://www.bullwhip.net/

Thank you so very much, Robert Dante.  It was truly an honor to meet you!

Submissively Yours,

Lady M

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Lady M Erotic Submissive

Lovely Lady M Lady M is Mind Caviar's exclusive real-life sexual submissive, performer, columnist and pin-up. The chronicles of her sexual adventures, BDSM experiences, as well as her performances at Ground Zero, a fetish club in Minnesota, will be posted here for your titillation and voyeuristic amusement on a quarterly basis. 

Lady M continues her amazing tell-all diaries which transport us to her world as a BDSM sexual submissive and performance artist for Mistress Jean, and as a loving slave to her lifemate and husband, Sir Charles.

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