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"Mister" Mark Renton likes cherry tomatoes from the San Francisco farmer's market. He spends too much time instant messaging when he should be writing and/or working.  Remind him of this if you run into him online. This is his second published piece in Mind Caviar and, at his current output, he's due a third some time in late 2005.

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Warning: The following experimental prose deals with the sexual subject of "age play". Age play is a role-playing sexual act that is done between consenting adults. Often one partner plays an adult and one partner may play as an underage character. Sometimes both adults play together as underage characters. This scenario is enacted purely for the sake of experimenting with taboo fantasy and to create sexual arousal in a safe, sane and consensual environment. It in no way implies that either person may have pedophilic tendencies or desires. 

Some people who have experienced sexual abuse in their past may find healing through age play. For some people it may cause emotional stress and psychological triggers. If you feel you may be unduly stressed by reading this piece, please do not read further. 

Daddy Loves Elizabeth
(filthy age-play porn)



Daddy is asleep.

Daddy is asleep.

Daddy is...









Daddy mumbles.

Still asleep.



Damn alarm clock (half) thinks Daddy.


Daddy rolls over.

<ring ring>

Daddy rolls back to the left.

<ring ring ring>

Daddy reaches out

Clock somewhere

Bedside table

Smooth thigh-skin.


Smooth thigh-clock.


One eye half open head at 90 degrees to the world.

<ring ring ring>

Elizabeth is kneeling on the edge of the bed.

White thighs.

Naked wee girl.

Intense eyes.


Fingers flicking

<ring ring ring>

At the silver bell on clit-hood-ring.

<ring ring ring>


Bell dangles in front of tight girl slit.

Finger flick - <ring>

Incidental contact.

And - Elizabeth thinks - proximity to

(somewhere.. under the covers lurks...)


Has Elizabeth's little groove aching for

Not so incidental contact

"Wakey, wakey, Daddy!"


Daddy is  *not* alseep.

Not awake.


Coming into focus.

Daddy could spank Elizabeth for this.


Daddy reaches out

And grips wee bell between thumb and forefinger.

To silence it.

To pull down on it ever so slightly.

(fingernail brushes across vulva

a million tiny nerve endings sing)


Daddy groansmoanssleepynoisemakes.

Elizabeth arches back.

A wave goes through her from shoulders tilted back to
mound brushing up against daddyfingers.



Daddy half asleep head on pillow.

Slowly brushing fingernails

Backs of fingers slipping over smooth girlskin.

Elizabeth purrs.

Bell rings - incidental contact.

Daddy half asleep.

Elizabeth back arched.

Cunt thrust forward.

Daddy petting kitty like a kitty cat.

Daddycock swelling.

Elizabeth wondering.

Under the covers.

It lives.

Daddy slips a finger up. 

Into pink tight little Elizabethfuckhole.

Elizabeth gasps for air.

The covers lift somewhere down Daddy's sleepy torso.

Daddy smiles.

"Go, then!"

Lifts the covers just a little.

And Elizabeth darts under like a cat.


In the dark

Make a den

Hiding under the covers

Climbing down Daddy's chest

<ring ring>

Bell tinkling

Smooth skin sliding over Daddy's chest

Knees and nipples collide

As she slithers down towards



rolling half-hard across lower tummy

Like a homing beacon in the dark

Hiding under the covers

Daddy half awake

Elizabeth 100% awake


Little sleek body sliding 




Planting big morning wakeup Daddycock kisses



Lips stretched

In the dark


Bell tinkling

Legs splayed over Daddy's chest

Mouth on cock

Junior schoolgirl 69

Daddy moaning half asleep half awake all hard

Daddy struggling

to get head off of pillow

to stick Daddy tongie into Elizabethslit

Give her a taste of her own medicine


Daddycock muffles/does not muffle

Elizabeth panicsquirm

Daddy places hand

On back of wee buff's neck

Pushing her


Onto (mouthstretch) Daddycock

And Daddytongue

Delves deep 

Swirling into a place

As darkprivatesecret as underbedcoversdaddycocklurks

And Elizabeth is



legs kicking

Mouth full

Cunt electric shock pink palace licked


Daddy both ends


In the dark

Under the covers



Daddytongue delving into pink wet tight wee cunthole

Elizabeth thrashing for air

Daddyhands part bumcheeks

Finger finds anus


Delightful dizzy airtight 


Thrashing in the dark

And then bright light

Passed out?


Covers tossed aside by Daddy

Who pauses for a moment longer

To enjoy the sight of little morning pest

Mouthplugged squiggling wriggling


Wet wet pop

Big gulping gasps


Indignant excited indignant


Almost shrieking


Swept off of Daddy's chest with a sweeping arm like a ragdoll

Rollover sleepydaddyhardcock

On top

No sky now

All Daddy

Over and above

Pressing down

Cock slicing into tonguewet bellringing babycunt

Elizabeth squealshriekscreaming

Daddy enormous inside



One sudden thrust

And Elizabeth

Eyesrolling in back of head

Is la-la-la-ing

Farway/all in the moment babytalk

And sleepy Daddy

Thrusts in


"Is *this* what little ringing bell girl wanted?"

Naughty Daddy.

Elizabeth could not answer if she wanted to.

She just moans and moans.

Everything vivid

The smell of the sheets, the smell of Daddy

Everything as far away as glimpses of ceiling

Where the lights dance


Down the hallway

The Sunday morning paper lies, ignored, unread, useless.

Full of nothing.

Unlike little Elizabeth

Who at this very moment

Is full of everything.

All Daddy.  All day.

Copyright  ©  2003 Mark Renton. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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