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Don Winslow is an internationally known best selling writer of erotic fiction, and a dedicated subversive in the war against political correctness. His published works include: Ironwood (1988), Ironwood Revisited (1989), Images of Ironwood (1989), Ironwood IV (1993), The Fall of the Ice Queen (1997), Slave Girls of Rome (1997), The Blue Butterfly (1998), Captive Women (1999), The Master of Ironwood (2000), The Best of Ironwood (2002), and Claire's Uptown Girls (2003), all with Blue Moon Books; as well as Gloria's Indiscretion (1993), The Many Pleasures of Ironwood (1995), Katerina in Charge (1996), Secrets of Cheatem Manor (1996), The Insatiable Mistress of Rosedale (1997), all with Masquerade Books.

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In Homage to Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick was an artist and a genius who left us with a rich legacy of wonderful films. Eyes Wide Shut was his masterpiece. This small contribution is offered in gratitude.

The usher handed him a mask, then took a single step backward. Tilting down his gray head, he gestured to the newest arrival. The outstretched hand invited Decker into the pillared foyer, and the brilliantly-lit ballroom that waited beyond. Decker nervously adjusted his mask as he stepped into the grand room. He stood at the threshold, overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of the place: an enormous, high-ceilinged room done in creamy white and lavishly trimmed in bright shiny gold. The room was ablaze with the shimmering lights of a thousand crystals dripping from massive chandeliers. Fine tapestries adorned the walls, heavy hangings framed by deep folds of rich dark velvet. And from every wall, generous mirrors reflected the sparkling gaiety of the bright, gilded ballroom.

Decker stood bedazzled, entranced by the scene before him: formally dressed men in elegant evening clothes, wearing masks like the kind he had been given, and among them, chatting and circulating freely -- the most exquisite girls, beautiful girls, also masked; but unlike the fully-dressed men, the masks, and their high heeled shoes, were all these girls wore. Each statuesque nude held herself with the unflappable nonchalance of a long-legged fashion model doing a catwalk down the runway, proud and erect and moving with such serene indifference, that one might have thought that parading around completely naked in a roomful of rich and powerful men, was the most natural thing in the world!

Decker’s eyes followed the easy sway of a set of low-slung hips, the seductive churning of sleek ovals that defined a marvelous pair of tightly-set buttocks; a feminine bottom that moved with just the slightest taut-cheeked wobble, and simply begged to be caressed, or kissed…..or spanked! A renewed surge of lust shot through his already stiff erection at that thrilling thought.

It was hardly surprising that the presence of such exciting females in their midst would instantly stir the passions of every red-blooded male in the room. Such beauty could hardly be expected to go unappreciated.

A stocky man clamped the narrow waist of his stately companion. His cupped hand lingered as it slid slowly down with curved fingers fitted to the flaring contour of her jutting hip, till they were able to close on the smooth silken innerflesh of a naked thigh.

Everywhere one looked, insatiable male hands were savoring the delights to be found in fondling naked female flesh. The seductive curves of attractive legs, long tapering limbs, were thoroughly explored by slow hands making their leisurely journey of sensual delight. Bouncy, elegant rearcheeks were touched and held, lavishly felt up, their firm resiliency tested by masculine hands that cupped and squeezed. Naked haunches were adored by appreciative hands that took pleasure in the sleek, smooth feel of those delicious contours.

A thin man with a neat mustache had an arm slung over the slight shoulders of a haughty, small-breasted girl with elegant upswept hair. The hand that dangled down her lithe front had found a floppy little tittie that he was idly weighing and bouncing on the tips of his curled fingers, as he carried on a conversation with another nude woman who stood facing him with a drink in her cradling hands.

A tall lanky girl with a mane of thick dark hair, and delicate, teardrop shaped breasts, struggled to maintain her marvelous composure while an affectionate admirerer on either side of her, subjected her sensuous body to the heat of their incessant caresses.

A flattened palm delivered an affectionate pat on the firm, taut-skinned rump of a slender blonde in a trim, page-boy cut, who recoiled with a surprised giggle that sent her adorable breasts jiggling merrily.

A tall lean man with a rakish shock of dark hair was tracing the slope of a fully curved breast belonging to a big curvaceous woman, fingering the firm, rounded mound before testing its taut elasticity. Decker watched him plucking a prominent nipple, toying with it, while the big woman, wiggled her shoulders and writhed under his playful teasing.

A blond guy with a precise spade-like beard was savoring the naked haunches of the slender woman who swayed at his side -- a thin-framed, reedy girl, with a mop of silver blond hair; his skillful manipulation had her tottering on her heels. While Decker watched, the thin girl quivered and lurched sideways, arching back and steadying herself against her man as an inquisitive finger found its way into the tight crack between her narrow clenching buttocks.

 The men grew more amorous, their caresses bolder, more impertinent, more invasive. Still, the evidence of their excited state remained half-hidden under the tented fronts of their black trousers.

 But the effects on the unclothed women of being so publicly manipulated, were clearly starting to show. Here had there an elegantly arranged hair style was becoming a bit bedraggled. Even the most unflappable women were beginning to loose their marvelous composure. They were flushed with rising heat; carefully applied makeup on their hot, sweaty faces was soon in need of repair. And now one might find a woman whose excited nipples had been coaxed into full prominence, aureolae expanded into taut circles with tips that jutted out in stiff arousal. 

Now there were heard tiny moans, little cries of passion, intermingled with the sharp hiss of gasping breaths. The painted lips of a sultry brunette fell open in a hollow moan as a man, standing behind her, reached around to fill his hands with her lush, gently mounded tits and proceeded to work her up till the aroused woman arched up while squirming back helplessly against her captor.

 Since he had entered the ballroom, Decker was dimly aware of the music made by some unseen orchestra. Now, as the background music swelled into greater prominence, men and women began to pair off and soon couples were moving in rhythm to a slow, intimate dance. Nude girls in their high heels, clung to fully-clothed partners, while caressing hands explored their bare backs before settling down on their naked bottoms where they were held as they swayed to and fro in their lover’s arms. 

Decker, a drink in his hand, was admiring a streamlined blonde who danced with an older man, with her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed, and a dreamy expression on her pretty blond face. As he watched she brought a long thin arm around, to run a hand down between their tightly-pressed bodies, seeking his manhood. Decker watched her fondling the man through this clothes, running a flattened palm down the length of his staining covered penis to draw from the gray-haired man a growl of pleasure.

 Even as amorous couples drifted to the dance floor, others made their way to more secluded places. Girls took guests by the hand, to lead them to one of the chateau’s many private rooms. Meanwhile, those who found their thrills in more public displays of affection took advantage of luxurious chairs and couches, conveniently strewn about in various side rooms and alcoves -- ideal for impetuous love making. Decker joined two willowy blondes who stood with arms slung loosely around each other’s waist, silently watching a masked couple who fucked before them on a velvet padded bench. As Decker moved closer, the two blondes kissed.

 When he managed to tear his eyes away, he found one of the girls was making her way through the crowd toward him: a strikingly tall, dark-haired nude with pulled-back hair and a streamlined body, strolling deliberately, one high-heeled foot placed directly in front of the other, so that her hips moved with the seductive sway of a slinky runway model.

 This mystery woman glided across through the revelers with perfect poise, small pointed chin held high, dark eyes gleaming through the holes in the black silk mask. Her shoulders were drawn back so that her taut bulges of her breasts jutted out with a certain brazen insolence.

 Decker was entranced, fascinated by the graceful way the splendid nude moved. The hidden power of her haunches reminded him of a sleek-muscled panther on the prowl. As she came up to him, his eyes raked her superb body before settling on her high-riding breasts -- firmly solid tits that would make neat handfuls, pointing upward provocatively, simply crying out to be adored. Standing before him, the tall girl, in her heels, was nearly as tall as he was. The woman’s proud nipples had blossomed forth in the first flush of excitement. Sensitive to the moist perfumed air that seemed redolent of sex, the thickened nipples stuck out in brazen display.

 “Would you like to go someplace more private?” the masked woman asked him, in a low, well-modulated voice, studying him with approving eyes.

 “What’s your name?” He suddenly felt the urge to know.

 “Just call me Appolonia,” she answered, and she smiled at him. “Would you like to come with me?’

 Another nod from him.

 It was an invitation no man could possibly refuse.

 He shrugs.

 “Where are we going?” he asked, as she took his hand. To him, it all seemed like such a dream. He let himself be led.

 “We can find a room …upstairs.”

 As they made their way through clusters of revelers, Appolonia moved closer to him, took his arm, linked it through hers. The wonderful nearness of this gorgeous naked girl at his side had Decker tingling with electric excitement. His erection pressed painfully against the front of his pants. He was so excited, he worried that he might come in his pants, and he moved awkwardly, and very carefully.

 Now the festivities were well underway. Appolonia took Decker on what seemed to be an erotic tour.

One big man sat in a massive red chair. At his feet, a naked women sat back on her folded legs. She had his pants undone, his penis exposed. She held his manhood at the base with a clenched fist, and she was slowly, languidly licking up and down its quivering length with the soft lapping strokes of a big cat. The man groaned, leaned back and shuddered with pleasure. A companion of his sat in an identical chair beside him. His pants had fallen down his bare legs, and now were ringing his ankles. And in his lap a magnificent blonde sat facing him, her dangling legs straddling his thighs. His hands came around to cup her bounding ass, as this raging blonde animal bobbed up and down on his upright penis, flinging her long heavy mane in wild abandon, while he arched back straining up to meet her as she fucked the seated man with lusty enthusiasm. 

The rising heat from the lovemaking all around him had Decker so agitated that he couldn’t keep his hands off the highly desirable girl at his side. He slipped an arm around her waist, drew her to him. She offered her lips, and they kissed -- a deep soulful kiss of burgeoning power. Her soft nude body melted into his, and he crushed her to him. The passionate kiss left both of them panting. Then she slid her arm around his waist, and they walked with arms loosely slung around each other – a couple of lovers, threading their way through an orgy of lust.

Two of the girls were kissing, wrapped in each others arms, their slender, long-limbed bodies writhing on the center of a massive table, surrounded by men who watched their Sapphic love-making through the eyes of masks. The woman on top had jammed a thigh between the other girl’s long scissoring legs, and the girl on the bottom was squirming, rubbing herself up and down with terrible urgency, humping the top girl’s leg, while the audience watched in perfect silence.

 A tall rangy man was taking a woman from behind, having placed her on hands and knees. She was a big, fleshy girl with velvety golden skin, a wide, generous bottom, and rich succulent tits that hung down heavily below her bent torso.

He held her by her sturdy hips as he pumped into her with slow deep, measured strokes. As the two lovers watched, the other couple fell into a jogging rhythm that sent her dangling breasts swinging, while she shook her head and clenched her teeth at each savage thrust of his relentless cock.

Appolonia took Decker’s arm. He let her escort him up the wide sweep of the carpeted stairs As they ascended the sweeping curve of the grand staircase, Decker let his hand slide down to cup a churning rearmound, and in that way, with her slim arm around his waist, his hand on her superb, high-mounded ass, the two lovers made their way to the top of the stairs.

Without a word, they walked down a mirrored hallway with many doors to either side, and the girl led him to one of the Chateau’s many bedrooms. At the doorway she paused and turned to him. Decker half thought she meant to kiss him again, but instead she leaned back in his arms as if to appraise his half-hidden eyes. He held her loosely, his hands cradling her naked hips as she leaned back to study his masked face. Then she took both of his hands in hers.

“Come! There’s something we must do,” she hissed in whispered urgency.

Suddenly, he grabs my hand.

“What’s that?”


Copyright  ©  2003 Don Winslow. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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