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Anthony Beal is a member of the Horror Writer's Association and The Erotica Readers & Writers Association. He is the creator and editor of Scared Naked Magazine, a horror-erotica literary zine. His work has been published in hard copy and Web publications, as well as anthologies.

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Every relished ridge
And mutinous vein
Of riotous violet
Taken in.

Claimed in strident streaks
Of driven fuck.

Owned by light reflected
In the swelling pool of need
Sweetening the ground
Between these knees.

To my pagan god,
This gift of sliding rose and
Lyric groans composed
Of whiplash jabs and cherry smoke.

Copyright  ©  2003 Anthony Beal. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

Temple Thief By Night

At rest on her stomach,
She licked his sleeping smile.
Her ass, his pillow,
His security crevice,
Gleamed frosted and moist
As a confection
For which he always starved.
Caressed by a balmy night
With breezes like fingers,
His altar's pearlized mounds reposed,
A sculpture flawless,
Fashioned from the imaginings of the immortal.
Filling her magic carpet miniskirt,
Buoyantly bobbing astride his frenzied rise and fall,
Her curvaceous church pirated the souls of men.
Beckoning many, selecting him,
Her swiveling convexity
Perplexed, inflamed, groped the mind,
Molested the senses with the promise
Of sliding affection
That spasms and comes with gnashing teeth,
With sweaty oaths.
Roused by skinned knees, shuddering eruptions,
Echoes of moist bodies mashing like lips,
She kissed him awake, hungering once more for
Her beloved disciple's devotion to
Pouring his faith and prayers inside her.

Copyright  ©  2003 Anthony Beal. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.


He neared the bonfire,
Seeking heat and solace
The way one starves for knowledge of God.
Its sinuous dance
Of countless curls and shifts
Seized him low and to the bone.
A prisoner willing,
A glad captive kneeling,
He watched it gyrate, shed its veils,
Lyrics in its swirls and shades
Written for him to sing.
Red heat consumption would be his bride,
Should he seek to taste
The lusting core of brilliance unbridled
And unrivaled.
But seeking still to ride the light,
Suck soliloquies to the skin
Of noblewomen flushing bright,
He entered the enticing flame.
He met its searching tongues with his,
Flowed with it, for it, through it,
Chaotic as love, final as greed.
Macramé bodies musical for caging fire
Forge ministries of physics that worship inertia.
Secure amid the humid pinks that kiss,
He let his jaw unclench,
Hoping to burn forever within this new religion.

Copyright  ©  2003 Anthony Beal. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

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