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Alison Eastley lives on a small southern island with her husband, Steve the ex-stripper, and her son, Tom, who occupies the upper quarters of her house with his exotic girlfriend, Xenia. Her son fails to care for his pet ferret, Bob, so Bob has been adopted by Steve. When Alison is not doing wifely-type stuff or motherly-type stuff she writes. Her work can be found in Tryst, Snow Monkey and in Snow Monkey's e-chapbooks, SometimesCity, Eleven Bulls and new work will be appearing soon in San Francisco Salvo and Riven

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Page 233
When she bites after licking my breasts,
her nipples, erect from the oil of my hand
while I'm kissing her mouth, I think sex
is a new born bruise, the taste of milk.
The surprise of blue rises underneath skin
when I close my eyes, fly under the sea
in my sheerest party dress the genital
shade of very pretty red like Sappho 
from page 233 of Bulfinch's mythology.
I'll take the lover's leap from this bed
where she breathes softly against my neck,
her fingers weave my hair into disheveled
dreams drowning between her legs.
Copyright  ©  2003 Allison Eastley. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

Tongue to tongue, a swarm
of honeyed sounds drip nectar,
swollen grapes skinned by our mouth
as if opium thieves have rushed
to our bed. They rob soft blue
veins, graze neck to belly and belly
to feet, all those tender bones
under wet flesh flow milky light
glistening bright love bites.
Copyright  ©  2003 Allison Eastley. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

Rubbing Oracles
A kaleidoscope swirls
sublime expectancy when an attractive woman
hesitates against knowledge
testing the rim of talk.
She lingers where boundaries 
fall like a messenger selling acid trips
mixed with ambrosia.
He said attraction shaved him close to the bone,
than rainbows shine multiple lies
rubbing oracles, a prediction
atavistic paradise knows nothing
when wolfish light drags him home
to the bridal chamber. It glows
brighter than fingerprints
tracing another woman's scent.

Copyright  ©  2003 Allison Eastley. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post. "Rubbing Oracles" first appeared in Pierian Springs.

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