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Astrid L. is the pseudonym of an Australian writer living in France who has had short stories published in a variety of countries and magazines all over the world. Her first published erotica was in Mind Caviar, to which she is now a regular contributor. She is currently working on an erotic cookbook, Sensually Simmering, with short stories to complement each recipe. Her erotica has also been published online in Ophelia's Muse, Scarlet Letters and Wide Girl

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In the tang of winter warm
and summer cool,
the taste and smell
of crumbled
the gentle brush
against the velvet grain,
your backhand stroke
of sprinkled golden down
grazes my nape
to hold me
firm and long.
Your hand slips
by a finger cool
and teases
the heartfolds
of my spine.
I close my eyes
and see
your golden
and know
that I must drown
in the nutmeg
taste of you.

Copyright  ©  2003 Astrid L. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post. "Spices" first appeared in a small, print publication in Geneva.

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