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Special Anniversary & Valentine's Day Poetry

Party Favors
by Julia Lesco

Fumbling as I pour a drink
it spills down the side of the glass
and onto my fingers
cursing in my head 
I raise my hand to my lips
my tongue reacts to the strong taste
I notice you 
noticing me
and I linger
licking my finger
the cold drink in your hand
begins to sweat
I raise my glass towards you
then drink
my own glass
your eyes follow the slow roll
between my breasts
I smile
at your smile,
one moment falls
and there I am 
breathing your breath
my moist lips cover
sweet taste of your mouth
music playing
so loud there are no words 
your eyes invite me
hands caressing
our quiet dark corner
full of sensual scents and sounds
feeling inside me,
my body guiding you
gliding with you
our flavors mix 
and you drink of me
passion mounts
you moan against my skin
my thighs tighten
your body follows
our breath heavy 
with sighs of release
you lean in towards my ear
and whisper, “Can I get you a drink?”

by Julia Lesco

Killing my soft inside
with words unspoken
unleash this harm binding me
keep close as whispers float
tend to my wounds
care as if you cared
which once I think you may have
while I lie here remembering
sunny lies told without caution
tears run, puddling at your feet
release me
eyes repeating one thing
as the story goes

Water Wash Over Me
by Julia Lesco

Caught in a haze
a sweet fantasy
of music and images.
Your touch,
your tender touch
that knows my body.
Play it well.
Feeling energy pass between our souls.
Kisses exchanged like backseat lovers
after ten on a school night.
Clothes shed as inhibitions are lost
feeling your need for me
as my own grew.
Lusty glances at your newly exposed skin.
Breathing in your scent and rising
high from its heavenly charms.
Taking your breast into my mouth
hearing sighs escape from reddened lips.
and yet I linger.
she says pleading.
I survey her landscape
taking mental photos
like the beach at dawn.
Waves of her desire fall upon me
inviting me into the wet depths,
she strokes me,
I rush in like the rowing team to win.
Ecstatic frenzy washes over.
I am yours.
Taken completely by the force of woman.
Enveloped with luscious warmth,
again and again,
rocking your hips.
I speak hardly audible words,
please me, need me, feel me, fuck me.
Your moans bounce around like bubbles,
I feel their moist collisions on my skin.
Our entwinement tightens,
your nails dig fanciful patterns onto my back,
exquisite torture.
My ears hear a thunderous rush
as the storm nears its climactic demise.
Your whirling vortex shakes and shudders around me
weakening my shelter.
My eyes shut
explosions rage upon your shores.
Your siren sound resonating
for even the moon to hear.

Fantastical Realities
by Julia Lesco

No warning
there you were
hours had passed
and suddenly
you were back

I hear you breathing
satin covers my eyes
I try to speak 
there are no words

hands throbbing slightly
strung out from the side
feet tingling
held still

the hot room
made my skin moist
or was it you?

a lazy finger traces
towards the softness
that brings a moan

I wanted this
so sure at the start
but now,
now here we are

my heart pounds 
beneath my breast
his teeth
his tongue
graze my nipple

his fingers manipulating
bringing sighs
clenched fists
he says nothing
goes about his work

with crafted skill
taunting my body
teasing me
a tear falls on my cheek
embarrassed at my enjoyment
fearful of my lost control

my need is so great
yet kept out of reach
your breath heavy 
fans my ear

I feel your tension
and wonder if you still 
hold all the power now

Four Poems Copyright  ©  2004 Julia Lesco. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.

Julia Lesco writes to release tension in an overactive mind. Her poetry harnesses thoughts and ideas that often go beyond the possibilities of her real life.  She strives to one day find a place which will allow for all she imagines to become reality. Mind Caviar applauds Julia for her first published erotic poetry.

Email Julia Lesco. 

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