"One thing that comes out in myth is that at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation.
The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come.
At the darkest moment comes the light."

~ Joseph Campbell, "The Power of Myth"

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Fall-Winter Issue, 2000

Ground Zero

Ground Zero: Where Dark Fantasies Come to Light
by Mia Jennings
with photos by Charles Jennings

Each Thursday evening, bad boys and girls come out to dance and gather on the provocative edge at Ground Zero, located at 15 NE Fourth Street, Minneapolis, MN (612) 378-5115.  A myriad of people, ranging from the very young to the old, are dressed generally in black of some sort, whether it be leather, vinyl, cotton, or spandex. They come to repent themselves of their sins or to indulge themselves in even more. 

A little over six weeks ago I was paying a cover charge, and now I've made the guest list.  My nights as a willing submissive at Ground Zero have felt like I've been riding a thrilling roller coaster ride that keeps getting better each trip. It's one of the most fascinating places I've ever been. 

For some time, close friends had told my husband and I about Ground Zero, the fetish nightclub which resides in Northeast Minneapolis, a neighborhood referred to by the resident Polish community as "Nordeast."  It's also the area where Marisa Tomei and Christian Slater filmed the popular, box office movie, "Untamed Heart," as well as the community in which the church I'd made my first communion and confirmation stands. 

Ground Zero

For months, the enticement of a roguish angel had been pulling my soul toward the darkest corners of the Minneapolis night life. I toyed with the idea of attending Ground Zero as if it were a never ending ping pong match. I felt as if the morals from my Catholic upbringing were torturing me with their puritan beliefs, causing me to feel as if I were standing in front of two door ways: Heaven and Hell.  Eventually that mischievous angel pushed me through the doors of seduction, and once I entered the infernos of lust and desire, there was no turning back.  Almost at once, I felt the savage thirst for more. 

Viewing the club for the first time, I felt a bit frightened, yet, almost immediately I had an "at home" feeling. I was intrigued, as well as stimulated, by the entire scene.  While I observed, it felt almost as if I were trapped deep within a warped, Dungeons and Dragons game. The atmosphere is dark and gothic; parts of the establishment sometimes remind me of the red light district in a Duke Nukem video game, or an erotic Prince video. 

Ground Zero

In the woman's bathroom, I viewed the graffiti on the walls as if it were art. Each lettered phrase represented to me some type of emotion or profound statement. In a corner of the restroom near the sinks and mirrors, numerous female Ground Zero fans have left their imprints behind with kiss marks in various shades of lipstick on the wall. 

The old building, which houses Ground Zero, looks as if it may have been a warehouse at some point.  Centered behind the front stage is an old movie screen, and televisions are mounted on the walls. The screens show old movies, such as Betty Page flicks, along with splices of carefully, choreographed film which flicker as if they were set in synch to the sounds of the non-stop, techno beat; I can feel it pound in my chest. 

Ground Zero

The club oozes with carnality, as well as, creativity, and the performers roam the club in their costumes of black leather, vinyl, and whips.  Beautiful women dance captive in cages, a punishing Dominatrix whips her submissive upstairs with her crop, daring volunteers such as me, roam the dance floor waiting for punishment and pleasure, and the crowd lets loose in the darkness.  The erogenous props seem to change from one week to the next, and I never know what to expect. 

Thursdays the club features "Bondage A-Go-Go," an evening full of fantasy, fun, eroticism, and role play. It's a place where myths and magic spark and flame, while naughty angels and the demons grind their hips and move their feet to the never ending industrial-techno beat upon the stage, cat walks, iron cages, and dance floors.  It's where the light emerges in the deepest of the dark, and where I feel the most liberated-- even though I'm held within the constraints of chains and cuffs, and I am submissive to the nightclub's master of ceremonies: "Daddy." 

If you live in Minnesota, or are visiting in the area of Northeast Minneapolis, you have to check out Ground Zero.  It's an absolute must!  If you've been naughty… cum on Thursday nights for your redemption.  Sometimes it feels so good to be bad!

"Ground Zero: Where Dark Fantasies Come to Light" Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved.
Ground Zero Photographs Copyright © 2000 Charles Jennings. All rights reserved.

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