Mind Caviar

"There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good,
and we must hunger after them."

--George Eliot

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Fall-Winter Issue, 2000

copyright 2000 Elaisted Gallery. All rights reserved. Featured Artist
Kevin H. 
Elaisted Art Gallery

There is a playful, enchanting quality to Kevin's photography work. Unlike much fashion photography, and other mediums where women are the usual subject (and more often depicted as the object), Kevin's models do not seem to be objectified, but rather, glorified. 

The women seem to look right into your eyes, beseeching you to to join them, or just to simply watch. Even when the subject's eyes are averted, you get the uncanny sensation from them that they long to be looked at, to be noticed, they want your gaze. They seem to say, "Here I am, touch me, play with me!" 

But therein lies the tease; the seduction comes from the fact that these are real people, evident and available, often terrifyingly beautiful. Alas, they are caught forever in a two dimensional format, forever beckoning you. You can only look, you can never touch. And still, they long for you. 

What sweet bliss of torture for the viewer! Thank you Kevin, for such wicked art. 

Elaisted Photography Elaisted Photography
Elaisted Photography Elaisted Photography
Elaisted Photography Elaisted Photography

More From The Artist

E-mail Kevin H. with questions or comments regarding his photography, 
or view more of his work at Elaisted Art Gallery.

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