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"It's not what you do...  it's how you do it."

~ Mae West

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Fall-Winter Issue, 2000

copyright 2000 Robert Worth. All rights reserved. Featured Artist, R.W.
Fetish Photographer 
Sleep Mask Designer

R. W. is a designer whose interest in photography, bondage and sensory deprivation has led him to create some of the finest sleepmasks available on the market today. Not only are his blindfolds handmade and beautiful, offered in a variety of styles and colors, but they are affordable and comfortable beyond belief, and offer the wearer total darkness for sleep, meditation, sensation and sex play.

Bind N Gag Photography Bind N Gag Photography
Bind N Gag Photography Bind N Gag Photography
Bind N Gag Photography Bind N Gag Photography

About The Photography

"I enjoy bondage... there is something fascinating to me about a piece of rope being wrapped around a woman's wrists so that she can't pull them apart. I am inspired by a woman's face, her clothing, sometimes anything can trigger a thought for a photograph. My mind begins to wander, thinking what she would look like with and gag in her mouth and a sleepmask over her eyes. I have to be careful whom I talk to about this. It is a delicate situation. It doesn't get me in trouble very often, and occasionally, it works out very well. The trust factor is a huge part of this whole thing. If a woman trusts me enough to tie her up and/or blindfold her so that she feels safe, that means a great deal to me."

About The Sleep Masks

"I have had a interest in sleepmasks for as long as I can remember, I made a few myself and had some custom made about ten years ago, particularly to use in photography. I started making them to sell about three years ago and I thought selling them on the web would be a good place to start. 

"I use mostly cotton fabric for the patterns and baroque satin for the solid colors. All the sleepmasks have black satin on the inner side. They included a nosepad gently stuffed with poly-fil that closes up the spaces around the nose. A layer of black felt is sandwiched between the two layers of fabric, making it opaque. They let no light in, it is totally dark inside the mask. Bias tape is sewn around the edge of each sleepmask to give it a finished, trimmed look. A thin elastic strap is sewn on each side of the mask and they meet up where a wider elastic strap loops through them. An adjustable slide is attached to the wider elastic to adjust the tightness."

"I personally designed these sleepmasks to make them as comfortable and effective as posssible. I have studied other sleepmasks, recognized where the flaws were and tried to correct them. They are the most comfortable and effective sleepmasks that I know of and I have the greatest selection of fabrics."

Contact R.W. of Bind N Gag Productions for question or to purchase Sleep Masks.

Photographs Copyright © 2000, 2001 R.W. of Bind N Gag Productions. All rights reserved.

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