(in no particular order... we love you all the best!)

to thank youMind Caviar, Vol. I Fall Issue, 2000to thank you

Bouquets to all the talented writers, artists and staff who made the first Fall Issue
of Mind Caviar possible. We simply couldn't exist without you.
Thank you for making Mind Caviar so smart, sassy and sexy!

rose To Violet, thank you for sharing a wonderful adventure with me! 
Don't forget, you will be missed.
rose Isabelle Carruthers, thank you for your invaluable editorial advice and all your much needed web help, for saving my sanity and cherishing my insanity. Have I told you how smart you are lately? 
rose Congratulations to Cara Bruce on her new anthology, her new position at Libida.com, and PLEASE Get Well, Chick! :-) 
rose Thank you once again, Adrienne Benedicks, for sending us contributors and for helping us launch A Bi-Friendly Place fiction and poetry sections. Your hard work and organizational skills are well-appreciated!
rose Special thanks to M. Christian for always being there, you know I appreciate you, and for being so damn talented-- and also so patient with me. 
Welcome Aboard, Alfred! FEED ME CHOCOLATE.
rose Lady M, what can I say? You're awesome, girl. Thanks for everything. Is it hot in here... or is it just you, you sultry babe?
rose Cassandra, congrats our your new found freedom! You deserve it, lady. Finally, huh? Thanks for all your hard work at MC!
rose To the Diva of the Universe, Aldonza.
rose For D-- who fixed our comp and rocked my world. 
rose Miss Coco Chanel and Harley-Davidson, my angels, thank you for your energy and calmness and company during all my marathon writing stints. 
rose We continue to honor and always remember the suffragettes and wise women who paved the way-- all the witches burned and heroines who lived and died so that we could have the rights we now so often take for granted. 
rose Here's to all modern pornographers, especially the ladies! Keep up the vital work.

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