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Lady M is Mind Caviar's exclusive real life sexual submissive, performer, columnist and pin-up. The chronicles of her sexual adventures, as well as her performances at Ground Zero, a fetish club in Minnesota, will be posted here for your titillation and voyeuristic amusement on a quarterly basis. We welcome Lady M, whose photos and poetry have appeared previously in Mind Caviar, to her new home on the web. We hope you'll find her as captivating and delicious as we do... We're sure you'll agree she's really something special!

Lady M

Visit Lady M's portfolio on-line. Photos by Charles Jennings. Artwork above by Mia Jennings.

Lady M My Private Life as a Sexual Submissive

Ever since I can recall I've been intrigued by the realms of BDSM. My first fantasy in regard to this lifestyle occurred during my grade school years watching old, Count Dracula movies in the school gym on Saturday afternoons.  I loved it when the damsel-in-distress would be chained to the dungeon wall, a helpless victim to her prey.  For whatever reason, it intrigued me.  As an adult, I love the feeling of surrender and acceptance, as well as the eroticism and sensory stimulation.

My husband and I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle almost since we've met.  He is always my Dom and I, his submissive. I prefer it that way. We are equal outside of the bedroom yet, in the bedroom, I prefer to be a woman to my man, and allow him to do to as he will (within reason of course).  I'm a person who loves to experience creativity and role play.  It's what makes my sex life with my husband more interesting and what continues to keep me feeling awake and alive.

There's something I enjoy so much about surrendering and trusting in another.  When my eyes are blindfolded, my sense of touch is heightened.  When my arms and legs are no longer in my control, I learn to let go to the moment and find satisfaction in every sensation.  It's as if I'm trying to gather up every impression from every second and bottle it up, so that I can reuse the memory later on.  I have orgasms without ever having penetration-- by the simple pleasure of being played with by my husband's toys and other sensuous devices.

Lady M My New Life as a Performance Submissive

The first night I went to Ground Zero, the fetish club we now frequent, I observed the sinful, metal chair on stage along with "Daddy," the club owner and resident Dominant. I sensed a chill travel down my spine and the instant need to be tied up and spanked.  Sometimes my quick impulse to do what I want can be one of my downfalls, but sometimes it can work to my advantage.  I have such a voracious appetite for life, and the zest to feel everything and experience it all sometimes consumes me.

I couldn't bite my tongue any longer -- I finally asked Daddy, "So who gets tied up in that chair?" I stared at the perplexing apparatus with curiosity and a warm wetness between my thighs. He told me it was generally used for performers, but that I could be the one to get the treatment that night. I practically ran up on stage; I felt like a little kid again, excited as if I was about to go on a ride at the fair.

My heart pounded fast with arousal and uncertainty when I sat down in the metal chair, which was suspended from the ceiling with heavy pieces of chain.  Once a black, leather blindfold had restricted my sight, I felt two, wide leather cuffs being fastened to my wrists, and then I was bound to the upper sides of the chair.  After, more leather cuffs were applied to each one of my ankles and I was then attached to a metal "T" bar, which was extended before me at the bottom front of the chair.

Trepidation dripped within when I heard the hoisting of the chains and felt myself move toward the ceiling.  When the chains ceased a few feet up, I felt the tease of a soft, sensuous feather caress lightly on my skin.  Instantly, my body melted with a warm sensation which made my panties soaking wet.

Suddenly, the warm feeling ceased when I felt a cold shiver travel through me.  Daddy was now tormenting the upper part of my chest and arms with a piece of ice.  My back arched high, almost out of the chair when the icy crystals started melting and I felt a trickle run down my skin until it slipped beneath my black leather dress and froze my breasts.

When the ice had completely melted, Daddy pulled the top of my dress open, inserted the tongs which had previously held the ice, until it reached my cold, stiff nipples, which sent another gush of wetness onto my panties.  My body quivered and I moaned with pleasure when Daddy pinched my extremely, sensitive skin, and then moved his hand back and forth to make the tongs vibrate until I almost reached orgasm from the stimulation.

Shortly thereafter, while I was attempting to catch my breath, I felt the tongs being released and a fresh piece of ice skim over my skin which was exposed on my chest above my dress.  My body squirmed in the metal seat again, attempting to savor the cool, pleasing sensations, until drips of hot wax interrupted my gratification.  I didn't want Daddy to see me flinch so I did all I could to remain still and endure the heat.  In time I found pleasure within the pain, causing the wax to feel almost as good as the soft sensation of the feather.

By this time I was feeling extremely horny, my hips were grinding hard into the seat of the chair, and I was so wet with the need to be satisfied.  However, my satisfaction for penetration didn't come and I began to feel the sting of Daddy's cat o' nine tails whip against my chest.  Instinctively, my chest raised to meet the biting tips of leather and I reveled once more in the pain.  A shiver moved through every part of me when I felt his cat o'nine tails travel down my body until it whipped between my spread thighs, near my soaking wet pussy.  The biting sting made my body grind, gyrate, shiver, and moan from all of the sensations I was experiencing, and I wanted to be fucked!  Oh, so bad!

Daddy must've sensed how horny I was, because soon I felt a large, vibrating device, move across the tips of my nipples.  I love it when my breasts are played with, and was now even hornier than before.  Slowly, his toy moved down my body until he was teasing me with it on the outside of my thighs.  Rapaciously I moved my hips until I could get the vibrator to pulsate on my aching clit.  When the toy was exactly where I wanted it, my hips raised high again from the seat in orgasmic bliss.

My body shook hard with my excitment, and I'm sure the people who were watching knew I was enjoying myself by my extreme reactions.  Eventually I collapsed back into the chair, and then felt my weak, trembling limbs being released one by one until I was free again.  I almost sighed with disappointment for I didn't want my session to end.  I wanted to experience so much more.

Ever since that first night, I keep coming back for more. I've recently experienced my eighth straight week at Ground Zero.  I am so damn addicted to that place, I never want to leave when the night ends, and continue on a natural high for days afterwards.  Each time I go, the experiences get better and better.

My last visit began with me getting a chill of excitement the moment I entered the club, because a few feet within the entrance there is a cage.  On the inside of this metal cage it was simply decorated with a small desk, a chair, a computer monitor with a keyboard, as well as a few stationary items on the desk.  I noticed the door to the cage was still slightly open.  So much so, that I couldn't resist the props and just had to enter to sit down at the desk.  Wow!  I'd love my office to be inside of a cage like this!

Next, I checked out the stage and I got an excited, wild eyed look at the props.  I almost had to be held back when I saw the round, blue, retro, couch-like bed on stage.  It was similar to one that is used in the movie, Austin Powers.  I could hardly wait until the events began, I felt restless:  I had to find something to occupy my time or I'd go nuts with anticipation.

Lady M My Beautiful Blonde Submissive Partner

For weeks I'd wanted to dance in one of cages placed near the stage.  It was something that I knew I had to experience. As the evening progressed, I witnessed one of the beautiful, young, blonde, female performers, named Rachel.   After a bit of conversation I found the courage to ask her if I could dance with her in the cage.  When I heard her sweet, sultry voice say, "Yes," I was thrilled.

Soon I was in the cage with Rachel and admiring how hot she looked.  She was wearing a small, black, patent leather, bikini top which covered her small and VERY nice breasts, along with matching shorts, which ended high on her thighs.  While I danced I occasionally observed her lengthy, almost platinum, blonde hair whip from side to side, as well as inhale the fresh, sweet scent of her shampoo which wafted near my nose.  I also watched her long, lean body move like captured prey, for her young hands were clutched to the iron bars while she made her hips gyrate with seduction near me.

Afterwards, while I was resting at my table with a smile, my husband at my side, and sipping on a drink, Daddy approached me and asked, "So, how are you with heights?"  Without thinking too hard I replied, "It's not a problem."  I smiled to myself wondering just what it was that he had in mind.  My heart beated even faster with more excitement and trepidation than before, during those initial moments of anticipation.

Fifteen minutes later, Daddy was signaling to me and Rachel to follow him to the far end of the stage, near a cat walk.  She and I stared at each other for a few brief moments with curiosity, and then danced until one of the most significant props was brought to us.

It was a large, "house-shaped" metal apparatus.  When it was finally ready and waiting, we were cued to mount it and stand face to face on the small, platform disks of metal.  Next, our hands were cuffed to the top of the "house," and our waists were tied securely to one another.  Thereafter, we were hoisted towards the ceiling and then transported to the stage, by a track system and cables.  I could've played on that thing all night!  But, our trip was short-- when we reached the stage our pleasure and punishment began.

Anticipation fidgeted within when I observed Daddy securely tie a red, velvet blindfold on Rachel, knowing that soon my sight would be taken away as well.  When I could no longer see, I knew it wouldn't be long before our pain and pleasure would begin and this made my panties even wetter.  I waited as patiently as I could until I felt the soft tip of his feather caress my wanting skin.  While I waited, I could see beneath the lower edge of my blindfold the pleasure he was administering to Rachel with it.  And this turned me on even more.  For I knew in time it would be my turn again.

When I eventually felt the soft tickle Daddy applied, my mouth fell open with a gasp of excitement and content.  But my titillation didn't last as long as I would've liked.  When the soft sensation had ended, Daddy left my side to play with Rachel again.  Yet again, while I waited, I observed Rachel indulge in the icy sensations before it was applied to me, and tried to feel what she did by observing her reactions.  To me it felt like several minutes had passed before I felt him again near my side and the cold glide of his ice cubes melting into my heated skin.

Lady M My Hunger is Slaked... Temporarily

Back and forth he alternated the punishment between the two of us, causing us to squirm and make the metal apparatus sway quite a bit.  Daddy played with our nipples with the tongs and spanked us with his paddle and whips.  When our naughty asses were red and heated to his liking he placed his large, vibrating massager between our legs.  I had one side of it and Rachel had the other.  Together we gyrated our aching pussies on it until Daddy felt that we had enough.

When the vibration ceased, I felt Daddy leave our sides for a short while.  When he returned, I could vaguely see a glowing light flicker beyond the blindfold and knew that soon I would be feeling the infliction of hot wax on my skin.  Beneath my blindfold I observed Rachel's body flinch and her mouth open with a gasp when the hot wax reached her delicate skin.  With every second that passed, my panties grew wetter, I became hornier, and my body quivered even more, knowing that soon I would feel the same heat.

In due time I panted and moaned in the same way as Rachel when I felt the burn of hot wax hit my skin.  I did the best I could to endure the pain and not flinch; however I couldn't and succumbed to the torture.  My chest was heaving in and out and my body was trembling when I felt the last bit of hot wax drip onto my skin.  One last surge of energy moved through my body before every last bit of strength drained from me. Yet, regardless of how weak I felt at the moment, nothing could wipe the satisfied grin from my face.

When Daddy felt that we had been tied up long enough to the metal frame, we were released to play on the round, blue bed.  When I laid down on it, attempting to recompose myself, Daddy pushed a button or flicked a switch, I'm unsure of which, and it began to spin around in slow circles, causing me to smile again with thrill.  Moments later Rachel was on the bed with me.

The bed continued to spin while I started to tie Rachel's hands behind her back.  We were both kneeling and her body was now extended forward with her head on the bed, and her tight ass high in the air facing my direction.  I began to play by lightly touching her with my fingertips, hoping to cause a slight tingle on her skin.  Rachel appeared to be enjoying my touch by the erotic way she moved her body.  When I witnessed her ass waiting so sweetly in the spanking position I couldn't resist and just had to indulge her and myself a few times with the open palm of my hand.

Quickly the tables turned and I became the one with my hands tied behind my back, head rested on the bed, and ass high in the air waiting for a spanking.  I moaned and slightly shivered when I felt her soft hands glide across my body in the same way I had caressed her.  This feeling caused an electric tingle to move through me until it reached the wet spot between my legs.  Next I felt the light smack of her hand across my cheeks.  My ass still stung a bit from Daddy's whip, but I still enjoyed the playful spanking.  We alternated our play for quite some time, erotically touching each other all over, while the bed continued spinning.  Regardless of how much I would've liked to stop time and play forever, the end of the night neared and it became our time to exit the stage.

Lady M Until Next Time...

I continued to smile for days with visions of that night at Ground Zero.  I wish that my memories could carry me throughout the week until my next performance.  Regardless of how hard I try to sustain my memories, they never seem to last.  I hardly get to Monday before I begin to desperately crave another performance on that dark, gothic stage.

To be continued...

"The Diaries of Lady M" Copyright © 2000 Lady M. All rights reserved. 

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