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Mind Caviar, Vol. I Fall Issue, 2000

Decadence Ball 2000

Decadence Ball 2000, New Orleans
by Jamie Joy Gatto
Photos by Ellery Rice

Want to have a bunch of free fun with naked, kinky freaks in New Orleans? Forget Bourbon Street-- that's strictly for the tourists. Not only is Bourbon Street lame, it's expensive. You want kinky? Crazy? Freakish and strange? If that's what you're looking for, the Decadence Ball has all the freaks, geeks, tits, ass and cock-- wrapped in the strangest and most glistening of fabrics and costume apparel you can imagine, and even some things you'd never thought you could imagine. And-- it's not even a sanctioned holiday. 

Once a year, at a location somewhere in the Bywater, just outside the Quarter and across the tracks, the Decadence Ball is held. It's perhaps the most public private party ever thrown, aside from Mardi Gras, in New Orleans. You don't need a ticket, you don't even need an invitation. As a matter of fact, it's expected and hoped that party crashers from all over the city will flock to Decadence dressed in the famous dress code of the Decadence Ball, "nude or lewd." The main event-- the costumed revelers-- is dependent on word-of-mouth invitations and fliers.

Not one to shy away from an open invitation to crash a wild party dressed in sexy attire, I donned a sequined and spangled, impossibly short "Little Red Riding Crop" outfit, replete with red hooded cape; my husband, Alex, wore a sassy and frilly black and white French "Maid to Order" suit. While cavorting amongst the hippies, freaks and trolls, we happened upon the beautiful and lovely, eager-to-please French maid, Amy. Not only was she gorgeous and hungrily submissive, but her purple hair was the exact same color as Alex's silk panties! Could we have had better luck? That's Decadence for you!

All night booze flowed from cash bars as traditional New Orleans brass bands played.  The crowds danced, drank and partied, only stopping to piss in a Port-o-let--  or better yet, in the community piss pond behind an old warehouse. Once the music stopped, we were all accosted aurally by an elaborate "costume on wheels" which consisted of a black-painted working golf cart driven by a strange pair of gothic nerds. Atop the cart was a blinking, blaring and gyrating sound system hooked up to a keyboard that was loudly played by the driver. He wasn't exactly playing music, more like an ominous, blaring belch of chords. 

Luckily, the party sound system kicked in after a while, and we all went back to the second line stomp and the brass band boogie.  The strange cart eventually dissappeared once again into the crowds of people covered in liquid latex, pvc, glitter, hairspray, glow sticks and body paint. No matter how strange things may have seemed this year, next year is certain to bring an even weirder event. Oooooooooo I can't wait!

Decadence decadence decadence
Decadence decadence
decadence decadence decadence

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"Decadence Ball 2000, New Orleans" Copyright © 2000 Jamie Joy Gatto. All rights reserved.
All Decadence Photographs Copyright © 2000 Ellery Rice. All rights reserved.

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