"Words are, of course, 
the most powerful drug used by mankind." 
--Rudyard Kipling

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Premiere Issue, Winter 2000

Short Stories

Reve' Erotique by M. H. Presedo 
Torn between two lovers? Sometimes it's impossible to choose

Taste Test by Jenesi Ash 
Indulge your senses in a chocolate-covered fantasy

Coins by Tara Alton 
The man of your dreams may not be who you'd expect...

Water Fall by Jamie Joy Gatto 
Fall into a sensual, watery world of grief and comfort

Short Shorts

Red or Blue? by Renton 
A master chooses his submissive's favorite color

Want by Violet Skye 
There is nothing deeper than lust, except perhaps the need for love

Muscle Shirt Guy by Mark D. Green 
A raver's take on the clubbing scene

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