"Beauty is where you find it."
--Madonna, "Vogue"

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Premiere Issue, Winter 2000

Featured Artist
PS Nellhaus, Photographer

The wonderful thing about PS Nellhaus' work is that there 
is always a realness to it, a quality that makes it appear as 
if you are looking at the image. Suddenly, you are right there in that time and space. He seems to capture the fullness of the experience on film in just one small frame. The following collection was shot at a draq queen show. You will find, especially in the full size photos, an authenticity not often experienced in a two-dimensional medium.

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PS Nellhaus

About The Artist

PS Nellhaus has been creating or writing about film, photo, and video since 1965. While attending New York University's Film Department, he was production assistant on the documentary, "Street Scenes", supervised by Martin Scorcese. While working seriously with photography since 1988, the public showing of any work has been quite recent. While acknowledging that the ideal situation is to view his photos in a real life gallery, PS Nellhaus hopes to share his work with more people, whether they are the casual net surfer or serious viewer.

Visit his on-line gallery, Image Fugace, which is a loose translation of the French for "fleeting image".

Quote From The Artist

"What I like best about photography is when a specific, ephemeral moment is captured on film. What I have photographed is what interested me at the time, usually of people, often in performance. If you are interested in purchasing any of the photos on this site, please email me. Keep in mind that price and availability of photos is subject to change. Finally, all photos have been registered for copyright, and are watermarked." -- PS Nellhaus

Email PS Nellhaus with comments or questions.

All Photos Copyright © 2000 PS Nellhaus. All rights reserved.


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