(in no particular order... we love you all the best)

bouquetMind Caviar, Vol. I Premiere Issue, Winter 2000 bouquet

flowerRon, our computer guru without whom we'd be lost in a web of technical despair. 

flower Bill Brent, for giving Jamie Joy her first chance and for being such a swell guy. 

flowerSusie Bright for being the beacon for all modern pornographers, for creating standards and taking chances and for always being so terribly smart. 

flower Bronwen, for telling me to go for it! 

flower Carol Queen & Robert for the great dinner and wonderful company. 

flower Carol Queen for writing "Sweating Profusely in Merida." 

flowerHanne Blank for boldly lobbying to make curves glamorous again. 

flower V. would like to thank H.S. for being her catalyst, for awakening her and for waiting long enough. 

flower The suffragettes and wise women who paved the way-- all the witches burned and heroines who lived and died so we could have the rights we now so often take for granted. 

flower To Dasha for taking care of Alex. 

flowerAlex & JJ would like to thank Miss CoCo Chanel and Harley-Davidson for being purrfect kitties. 

flower JJ dedicates her work in Mind Caviar to the memory of Whiska the Wonder Cat, guardian of her dreams. 

flower Bouquets to the talented contributors who made our dream of Mind Caviar possible. 

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