Mind Caviar, Vol. I Premiere Issue, Winter 2000

Violet Skye
Co-Founder, Editor & Contributing Writer

Violet is, besides being a writer and zine editor, a talented scultptress, a rocket scientist, and yes, she's most definitely a babe (as you can plainly see).   When not busy with MindCaviar she enjoys lounge music, fine wine and indulgent cuisine.

Visit her seductive food column, Creme de la Creme, or take a peek at her erotic Short Short

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Jamie Joy Gatto Jamie Joy Gatto
Co-Founder, Editor, Contributing Writer 
Web Layout & Design, Graphics

Jamie Joy is very picky about her name(s) and really likes to be called by both, so dontcha dare call her "Jamie". Besides living in HTML hell while creating this and other websites, she writes erotica for Black Sheets and a column for Scarlet Letters. Her erotic fiction and psychological horror can be found in The Unmade Bed: Twentieth Century Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica 2000 and will appear in Unlimited Desires, Tears on Black Roses and Parchment Letters. Read her sexual advice column, Champagne Rouge or check out her Fiction

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Alex Gatto
Poetry Editor, Contributing Writer & Photography

Alex has been writing and reading poetry ever since he can remember. He has a huge collection of pornography which spans several decades of material. He is particularly fond of taking naps and traveling and enjoys editing poetry when Jamie Joy reminds him of the impending deadlines. 

Read Alex's feature on Mardi Gras Indians or check out our delightful, sensual Poetry contributions. 

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Rant & Rave Reviews

Aldonza is a Diva, rock starlet, performer and collector of toys, dolls and drag queen memorabilia. She loves make-up and cheap jewelry, the gaudier the better. She was once a hippie and a go-go girl and got a fab tattoo before it was a chic thing to do. Her favorite stage role, of course, has been the whore, Aldonza in "Man from La Mancha". She lives near Chicago, has lived in Morrocco and has traveled extensively. New Orleans is her favorite place of all. 

Read Aldonza's Rant and Rave Reviews

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