Violet Skye  is, besides being a writer and zine editor, a talented sculptress, a rocket scientist, and yes, she's most definitely a babe (and a blonde, by the way).

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by Violet Skye

"What do you want?" you ask, your eyes full of mischief, your voice soft and low, and yet so compelling, as your hand reaches between my legs, grasping the crotch of my silky black panties and pulling them down. Such large strong hands, that when you reach for me again I brace myself slightly, expecting you to be rough, but you're always so gentle and you slip two fingers inside of me and I am dripping wet for you. 

And I want so many things. I want you to spank me until my ass is pink, to command me to suck your cock until you come in my mouth and then command me to swallow you, to order me to spread my lips apart for you while you lap at my clit. I want you to demand that I play with my pussy while you watch. I want you to forbid me to wear panties under the little black dresses I wear when we go to nice restaurants for dinner. I want you to tie me to the posts of my four poster bed and tease me with feathers and ice cubes and the sting of a leather strap. 

But so many of the things I want are unspeakable. I want you to enslave me to your pleasure, to rule me. I want to surrender to you completely in one blissful moment. When we are apart, I want your cock to ache, to feel me hot and wet around it, your mouth to yearn for the taste of my pussy. And I want you to offer yourself to me in sacrifice. To pray to me, your goddess. To worship me as your new religion. But most unspeakable of all, I want you to love me. 

So I say that I want you to fuck me, hard. But my voice is full of longing for so much more as the words travel from my belly and through my lips, carrying my unspoken wishes into your ear like stowaways. 

And you move your fingers in and out of me, and you slide your thumb over my clit, back and forth, and I moan for you. Your other arm is wrapped around my waist, holding me in place, and I get wet thinking about the size and power of your body. And then you give me what I ask for. 

And as you move inside me every stroke rocks me to the core of my being. I beg you to fuck me harder and deeper and my body and mind relaxes and I yield to you and I beg you to pin me down so that I can barely move against you and finally you take me to the edge as you fuck me from behind and you are filling me up so full of you with each stroke and touching me so deeply until I come all around you. You continue to fuck me hard, and I ask you to fuck me harder still, as the aftershocks move through me and you go on and on and on until you come inside of me and collapse on top of me and I love the weight of your body and your sweat and your scent and we lie like that for a long time not moving. 

And all that I want is mine for just one instant. 

Copyright © 2000 Violet Skye. All rights reserved.

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