"I am convinced that the only people worthy of
consideration in this world are the unusual ones,
for the common folk are like the leaves
of a tree and live and die unnoticed."

--Scarecrow  from "The Marvelous Land of Oz" by L. Frank Baum

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Premiere Issue, Winter 2000

Featured Artist
John Husted, Sensation Toy Designer
by Jamie Joy Gatto

He is a tiny man with delicate features and a soft, steady voice, not exactly the type of fellow you'd expect to run a business named "Satan's Workshop", but never-the-less the paradoxes surrounding John Husted don't end there. Although he chose to name his shop after the devil himself, John is neither a Satanist nor does he claim to be the anti-Christ; he is merely interested in paganism, old religions and primitive cultures. "In old Latin," John explains, "the word ‘satan' originally simply meant ‘adversary'. I chose the name ‘Satan's Workshop' mainly because it's unusual and attention getting."

The first thing you might notice about John, is at the end of his two unusually short arms are the loveliest pair of hands you'll ever see, sporting a ring on each finger and slender, manicured nails often painted in a shiny, deep hue. You wouldn't think a man with such an "abnormality" would spend his life working with his arms and hands as a visual artist, musical drummer and craftsman, but I challenge you to find another man's skill as perfectly honed as John's and with such a talented diversity.

His whips, floggers and sensation toys are equally as brilliant as the artist himself: perfectly weighted, made in sumptuous materials such as deerskin, satin drapery cord and buttery plonge leather. Just a touch of one of his whips will make you long to own his entire collection, simply based on their beauty alone. Go ahead, smell the leather...feel the silkiness, experience the cool metal accessories and soft, fur touches added here and there. I dare you to walk away from his work without wanting to own a piece.


Quotes From the Artist
All About Floggers

"This particular flogger requires an entire side of cow hide, that's half a cow, and provides a really nice thud." (pictured center with brick background)

"My slappers (above pictured first from the right) are made with two pieces of 1/8 inch thick strap leather which slap together and make a big noise, sounding much more intense than it feels."

"Most often, chain floggers (above pictured first on the left) are used as sensation toys: dragged across warm, bare skin and/or genitals. Put them in the freezer for an extra cold kick."

"My satin floggers (above pictured second and third from the left) are absolutely not dangerous. They make fun sensation toys, used as a massage implement over smooth skin, or they can be used to soothe well worked-over flesh after a rigorous beating."


Choosing Weight and Size

"Light floggers are usually capable of little to no thump but can be capable of a great deal of sting and burn. They are smaller and have fewer falls than heavier floggers. Their shorter length makes them faster, so sensations can be made to build up more rapidly than with a longer whip."

"Medium floggers are a good choice for those whose tastes, in either direction, aren't very extreme, for dominants who are not physically strong enough or not yet skilled enough to be comfortable wielding a heavy flogger. They tend to have a good range of sensation but can't achieve quite the thump of a heavy flogger."

"Heavy floggers are my personal favorite to make and to use. For most of them, their primary sensation is thud, but can also provide varying degrees of sting or burn. They are also the most versatile regarding the various sensations that can be achieved."

Contact The Artist

Email John Husted with questions, comments and pricing.

Visit Satan's Workshop on-line to see more of John Husted's handiwork. Featured Toys are available for purchase.

All Photos Copyright © 2000 John Husted. All rights reserved.

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