Jenesi Ash's   work has been published in Dare Magazine, My Sister's Secret Place, and Zaftig! Two of her short stories will be included in Best Women's Erotica 2000 and Wicked Words 3

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Taste Test
by Jenesi Ash

Gina concentrated on frosting the extravagant chocolate cake. She didn't hear her boyfriend enter the condo until he stepped into the steamy kitchen. "Patrick!" She jumped in surprise, squeezing the pastry bag in her hands. A ribbon of glossy brown frosting rippled onto her knuckles, "You're early." Patrick stepped closer to her, capturing her stained hands with cool fingers. He lowered his head to her knuckles and lightly lapped the cocoa-flavored mess, "Mmm.... Delicious." 

Pleasure heated her cheeks. She had spent the afternoon laboring over his birthday cake. Actually, it was longer. The past few days she searched for the finest ingredients. Weeks before she secretly poured over her cookbooks, trying to find the perfect dessert to celebrate his turning thirty. The devil's food cake was, in her opinion, more than appropriate considering his devil-may-care attitude. 

"You didn't have to go through all this trouble," Patrick glanced up from her hand and frowned. Dirty cake pans and mixing bowls filled the chrome sink. Dark splatters and white dust covered the marble counters. 

"I wanted to." Gina smiled. Patrick never understood that she wanted to cook and bake for him. It was one of the only ways she could demonstrate her feelings for him. 

"Here, let me take that from you," Patrick grabbed the bulging pastry bag from her other hand. "What's this for?" 

"To decorate – Hey!" Gina squealed as Patrick aimed the decorative tip at her face and fired. Chocolate frosting gushed out of the metal point and onto her chin. "Patrick! Stop it!" She grabbed for the pastry bag, but Patrick easily kept it out of her reach. Gina looked around for a kitchen towel. 

"I'll get it off," Patrick offered. He surged forward and closed his firm lips around her chin. He gently sucked the frosting off her skin. Gina held her breath as desire simmered within her. She flushed, feeling something deep inside pop and fizz. Her knees begin to feel wobbly. 

"You taste good," he murmured. 

"It's the chocolate," she gasped out. 

"Nah," He nibbled her skin, "I taste…vanilla," his tongue snaked the outline of her jaw, "and brown sugar?" Patrick kissed her lightly on her open mouth, "and you." 

"What do I taste like?" 

Patrick's eyes flared wickedly. "Let's conduct a taste test and see, shall we?" He pressed the palm of his hand on the swell of her breasts and slowly backed her up against the chrome refrigerator. "Take off your shirt." 

"What? Here? In the kitchen?" The idea seemed so decadent. She stared wide-eyed in his sparkling brown gaze. Her heart pulsed as lust whipped through her veins. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and tore it off her body. Her tanned skin was moist with sweat from the hot kitchen. 

Patrick raised the pastry bag over her breast. Gina bit her lip as the cool frosting hit her excited flesh. Her body quivered as Patrick piped a crooked circle over her hardening nipple. He immediately tasted his creation. 

"Oh, God," Gina moaned as he suckled ferociously on her aroused breast. His touch made her pussy cream. She grabbed his head and splayed her fingers through his thick hair. Patrick suddenly switched to her other breast and sampled her unadorned rosette. 

"Yeah," His husky voice was muffled against her breast, "You taste much better than chocolate." 

"You are such a liar." 

"I'm serious. The right mix of sweet and salty," his tongue darted out and licked the underside of her taut breast, "smoother, too." 

Gina made a grab for the pastry bag. She wrestled it out of his reluctant hand. "I want to taste you now." 

"Sure," Patrick grabbed the collar of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. 

"No. Take off your jeans." 

He raised his eyebrow with interest and silently shucked off his jeans. Patrick stood in the kitchen naked, his cock jutting up with anticipation. She squirted the cold chocolate onto his thick penis, smiling as Patrick hissed from the icy temperature. 

Gina dropped to her knees on the hard linoleum. She liberally frosted his cock until the pastry bag was empty. She tossed it aside and let it skitter across the waxed floor. She glanced up at her boyfriend. His forearms were resting heavily on the top freezer door. His head dropped down to his shoulders. His eyes were crinkled shut and he breathed heavily, trying to gain control over his rioting cock. 

Gina cupped his balls with one hand and held the base of his penis with her other hand. She covered the tip of his hot penis with her lips and removed the chocolate off with torturously slow licks. 

"Gina…" Patrick groaned. His pelvis thrust upward, instinctively wanting to bury his cock deep into her hot, moist mouth. She ignored his plea and removed the dissolving chocolate layer by layer. Her tongue dragged and dipped, her mouth swirled and swizzled. She kissed and pecked, nipped and nibbled the length of his throbbing cock. 

"Gina," Patrick hoarsely whispered her name. She glanced up and saw his face contorted with pleasure-pain. She knew he desperately wanted to come, and was giving her warning. He usually withdrew so he could bury it into her waiting wet cunt. But not this time. 

"Let me taste it," Gina ordered. She opened her lips wide and took him inside her mouth. Patrick pulsed into her, fucking her mouth with choppy, unrefined moves. He let out a savage roar as he came. 

Gina furiously gulped and devoured his salty, bitter come laced with sweet chocolate. His release continued to wash down her throat as he sagged against her face. She liberated his cock from her weary mouth after the last swallow. 

"Damn, Gina." Exhaustion and awe tinged his voice. 

Gina rose to her feet, kissing him from his hip to his neck, "My turn." She unbuttoned her jeans and kicked them off. 

"I need to rest. You forget I'm not eighteen anymore." 

"I'm not worried about your sexual peak," She wiggled out of her panties, "I'm worried about mine." 

Patrick looked around, "There's no more frosting." 

"You'll think of something." She stretched her body against the refrigerator door, luxuriating in the hard cold surface against her back. She missed the gleam in Patrick's eye and accepted his thorough kisses. He trailed his fingers and hands up and down her raised arms. 

The tugging of her wrists was her first clue. She turned her head and watched open-mouth as he twisted a kitchen towel around her wrists before looping it through the refrigerator handle. 


"Ssh," He cupped her knees with confident hands and pried her legs open. He buried his head between her thighs, "Mmm... You taste so good." 

Gina's body melted as pleasure frothed and foamed inside her. She felt light and airy with only the knotted towels and Patrick's tongue keeping her on earth. Her ragged breaths hitched inside her throat and she inhaled the sweet scent of the cake. She clenched her buttery fists and pulled against the terry cloth bindings at her wrists. 

Gina closed her eyes as she fought the luscious pressure building inside her. Her uneven gasps and Patrick's passionate moans filtered through her ears. She wanted the sensations to last, but the pressure rapidly increased. Patrick widened his mouth and flicked his tongue, sucking her clit. Her mind shattered silently as she came in sweeter-than-chocolate showers bursting through her soul. 

Copyright © 2000 Jenesi Ash. All rights reserved.

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