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Cassandra Snow  has worked in various forms of expression over the years-- from writing poetry, to playwriting, to dance, theatre and photography. She's a professional journalist and the author of two stage plays. She is currently seeking a publisher for her novel, Yogi Love. Check out her sassy book reviews and sexual philosophy in her new Mind Caviar column, The Literate Slut.

Glenn Beuhring's  playful illustration, "Siamese" is a Mind Caviar exclusive.

Primal Desire
by Cassandra Snow

Parting his moistened lips, he draws
My essence from his long, tapered fingers.
As he savors the musky sweetness
Of my need for him,
I am, for a moment, paralyzed
By the sharp intensity within his gaze,
Heavy with brutal seduction.
Yet, despite the primal tension
Lurking within the sinews
Of his lean though powerful form,
I do not turn away;
Rather, I allow my breath to slow
And my body to fall open,
Ever so gently,
Inviting the impending act,
Articulated only by the still, ebony night
And the incessant call of desire.

Siamese by Glenn Beuhring

"Primal Desire" Copyright © 2000 Cassandra Snow. All rights reserved. 
"Siamese" Copyright © 2000 Glenn Beuhring. All rights reserved. 

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