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Renee Marshall is a poet who writes in her spare time. She lives alone with her dog and cat in a quiet east coast town. A short twenty years of life experience and wild incessant fantasies are the inspiration for her writing. Her first published work appeared in Mind Caviar, Vol. 1, Summer Issue. We hope you'll visit her work in our Archives.

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Glen Beuhring provides his sensual, edgy illustration: "Cum Paint," a Mind Caviar exclusive.

tequila inspired

he had the taste of green citrus 
seeping from every pore 
with the hint of lime

it was only natural 
after a night of 
tequila kisses 
that I crawl between white 
sheets and run 
my tongue 
over his skin

Cum Paint by Glen Beuhring

The Irony of Cherries

you ate cherries 
for the first time, 
from the smooth plane 
of consciousness 
between her breast 
and navel. 
Fingered, lips,
Tongued, teeth
ripe cherries 
in glossy red syrup 
dripping over her rib cage 
pooling in dips and curves, 
staining satin sheets 
with pink juices 
and memories of her 

"The Irony of Cherries" and "tequila inspired" Copyright © 2000 Renee Marshall. All rights reserved.
"Cum Paint" Copyright © 2000 Glen Beuhring. All rights reserved.

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