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John Heckman likes to dabble in the metal arts, work on wooden boats, and play on the Chesapeake Bay. He's been published and has work pending publication in these e-zines: Samsara, Supralurid, The Ho!d, Thunder Sandwich, La Petite Zine, Purr, NYC Poetry, Wired Hearts, and Bloodjet. John also likes to play with his food.

Glenn Beuhring's sultry illustration, "Splash" is a Mind Caviar exclusive.

Pink Orgasm


Pink, wet, and sweet
juices flow
just right, warm
sweetness trickles
down my chin
pink flesh
parts easily
and tongue
slips in, moist
and taste buds
tremor with ecstasy
senses harden with every
lick and nibble
the wet seed on my lips
swallow it 
all, lick lips
life is a pink
Grapefruit orgasm.

Siamese by Glenn Beuhring

Canít Get No (Haiku)

She blew me, humming 
A song from Devo, I think 
The melody came

"Pink Orgasm" and " Can't Get No" Copyright © 2000 John Heckman. All rights reserved. 
"Splash" Copyright © 2000 Glenn Beuhring. All rights reserved. 

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