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Sandra Fritz  is a writer of horror and erotica, (sometimes a combination thereof) and a member of the Horror Writer's Association. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications such as Pillow Screams, Amoret, Akkadian, Dark Muse, Edgar: Digested Verse, Parchment Symbols, Darkness Within, Sex in Public, Red Lamp, Bloody Muse, At The Brink of Madness, Blood Moon Zine, and others.

by Sandra Fritz

My cock presses against my jeans, reminding me of my prowess. I'm alive, more alive than everyone else, it seems. I think of lips around the base, a tongue rasping along its length, imagine plunging into a waiting portal and I nearly come from the fantasy.

My lover lies beneath me, arms restrained above in a fashion of subservience, eyes bound by my carefully placed scarf. I marvel at the beauty of flesh writhing against me, so eager to push against my erection. But I don't give in.

I inch my way upward, eventually reaching the promise of oral indulgence and teasingly ease my zipper toward my lover's nose, hoping to elicit a plea of mercy. My cock reveals itself without much assistance, heavy with a lasting engorgement only from latex, the plastic balls resting against my equally aroused clit.

He lies beneath me, arms restrained in a fashion of subservience, and I enter his surprised but willing lips, both of us bound by ecstasies unleashed.


Copyright © 2000 Sandra Fritz. All rights reserved.

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